Relationships require understanding to work. It is important to know your partner or friends well. This stands true for all sorts of relationship in life. Getting to know each other better is a time taking process but always proves worth it in the end. From time to time it is important for both of the people to share things about themselves. This will help them build up their relationship on the foundation of mutual trust and understanding, which is very important for every relationship and friendship to last.

A Getting to Know Each Other Quiz!

One of the most fun and quickest ways to find out where you stand with someone in a relationship is to formulate a set of interesting questions that you can make your partner/friend to answer. Putting together the right questions for such a quiz can be tricky.

For the sake of your convenience we have sifted out some perfect questions that you might be interested in asking your partner/friend. Following are 62 ‘how well do you know me questions’ that you can ask your partner/friend as a means of finding out how well they know you:

1. What was the first thing I ever said to you?

2. Name the place where we met for the first time?

3. What was your first impression of me?

4. What is my middle name?

5. What are my favorite flowers?

6. What is my biggest fear?

7. What is my best feature?

8. What is my biggest dream?

9. What is your favorite memory of us?

10. Nickname me.

11. Which music do I like?

12. When was our first outing?

13. One thing that you think I need to change?

14. What are my special talents?

15. Can you read my eyes?

16. What kind of food do I like most?

17. Which grade was I in when I had my first kiss?

18. What is my shoe size?

19. If I get a sweet tooth what will you get for me, chocolate or sugary candy?

20. Where was our first picture taken together?

21. Name my parents, grandparents and brothers or sisters?

22. Am I a dog person or a cat person?

23. What is my zodiac sign?

24. Do I have any allergies?

25. What is my favorite movie?

26. What would I be willing to do for a million of dollars?

27. Who would I hate to see naked?

28. I would prefer Mac or windows?

29. What is my unaccomplished sexual fantasy?

30. Name my favorite fiction character.

31. What’s the thing that I cannot bear with the most?

32. Am I a bathroom singer?

33. Am I money spender or saver?

34. Name my favorite animal.

35. How many children do I want?

36. What am I really bad at?

37. If I win the lottery, what will be the first thing that I will do?

38. Who is my ideal person?

39. Which color do I find the most beautiful?

40. What is our inside joke?

41. What was the name of the last book I read?

42. What annoys me the most?

43. Have I had any surgeries in my life?

44. What is my favorite game?

45. What is my favorite sandwich?

46. What are my dream destinations?

47. What comforts me?

48. Which is my favorite book?

49. Who are my two closest friends?

50. When is my birthdate?

51. My favorite thing about you is?

52. Which is my favorite ice-cream flavor?

53. Where was I born?

54. What am I proud of?

55. What would I prefer, plays or musicals?

56. Who is my favorite artist?

57. What are the things I long for?

58. What are my hobbies?

59. What are the languages that I can speak?

60. What are my pet peeves?

61. Which is my favorite cuisine?

62. Which language would I love to speak, but not yet?

The quiz is supposed to be a leisure time, fun exercise that allows you and your partner/friend to laugh together and have quality time. It is not supposed to be a battle of information about each other or a contest on scoring most questions right. Ask these questions to your partner/friend and see if they notice the little things about you that you want them to notice and how well are they aware of your deepest wants and desires.

With time you get to discover your partner’s/ friends’ good qualities, as well as the flaws. You’ll start observing the little things that make them happy or sad. Everyone is just human but what makes love special is the act of embracing the other person as a whole with all the flaws taken into account. With time you do not see in them a flawed person but the person that you’ve grown to love.

Do you have more ‘how well do you know me questions’ to share? Leave a comment.


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