Men are usually not too comfortable saying how they feel. This means, their actions may speak louder about how they feel about you. You may have a guy-friend crushing over you secretly, and you may have felt something weird in your innocent friendship recently. However, men, knowingly or not, may leave a trail of hints around you to show their true feelings, so check for these signs he likes you more than a friend to know for sure!

Pay Attention to These Signs That Show He Likes You More Than a Friend


He Opens Up With You

Men often lack expression of feelings. They find it difficult to open up to someone about their emotions, except to those people who they can trust. This would be an indicator of his longing to spend his personal life with you.


He Keeps Your Phone Beeping

If a man texts or calls you during the day, say, between noon and evening, he might be thinking about you a lot. Men are not much of talkers, and if he has been calling more recently, he is probably wanting your presence more in his life.


He Asks You Out Jokingly

Don’t underestimate men’s ability to say what they want without actually saying it. The person who invented jokes must be a man, I assume, since men who want you will often say it like a joke, just to see how you feel about them.


He Leans Closer to You

Notice your guy-friend’s body language the next time you are together. Men keep less physical distance with women they are attracted to. Obviously, he can’t stand the distance between you two when his heart is begging for you.


He Likes Your Place a Lot

So this guy-friend seems to be at your place more often than anyone else’s, signifying he's comfortable with the idea of living under the same roof with you. If you feel good in his presence at your place, too, go for it, girl!


His Family Teases You

How does his family get along with you? Does he blush when his dad makes a joke about you being his girlfriend? If you are invited regularly around his family, it is another of the major signs he likes you more than a friend.


He Takes You on Picnics

Friends may hang out on the streets or after class, but they don’t go on cute, romantic picnics unless they are into being more than friends. Packing up a few sandwiches for a nice day at the park with him is not at all a ‘friendly’ hangout.


He and You Had Almost Kissed

A few drinks at the bar once or twice led to an ALMOST make-out or an ALMOST kiss. See, your subconscious mind speaks louder when you’re drunk, so if that brings back a memory, you two may have a lot more than that in the future.


He Makes an Extra Effort for You

If you live far away and he still rushes to you on your call to meet up, he is doing more than just being nice, he actually cares. Who would compromise and sacrifice for someone unless they are falling in a pit called love?


He Can’t Like Anyone Else

Does it happen that he turns other girls down? It is not that he lacks interest in dating as he might have spun as an excuse to say to you, but it’s just because he doesn't want anyone else except you.


He Gets Jealous

Seeing you with someone else makes him jealous, and he doesn’t like your boyfriends. If this sounds like your guy-friend, he is basically screaming inside. This is one of the most obvious signs he likes you more than a friend.


He Doesn’t Talk About You as a ‘Friend’

How people talk to other people about you can reveal a lot about their feelings. Similarly, if your friend talks about you without referring you as a ‘friend’ clearly, he wants you to be more than just a friend.


He Wants to Be With Just You

You may have a lot of friends that you hang out with together, but this guy-friend is always making excuses to leave everyone out so that it’s just you two alone at the end of the day.


He Makes or Avoids Eye Contact

When a person has extraordinary feelings for someone, they cannot act normally around them. For some people, it comes out as long, deep stares in your eyes, and for others, it is the constant avoidance of meeting your eyes.


He Wants to Know your Future

If your guy-friend is often asking you about your future plans, he is hoping to fit himself there. No guy would care enough to wonder what you plan for the future.


He Wants to Know About Your Past

A guy-friend would be least interested in a friend’s past dates and relationships, but if he seems to be curious to know your past better, he is giving you signs he likes you more than a friend.


He Gets Angry Over Little Things

Men are not good with expressing their feelings, but when something makes them insecure or afraid to lose you, they might start an emotional outburst. It’s one of those signs he likes you as a friend that is usually mistaken.


He Remembers Your Special Day

Of course, Facebook and social sites make it a lot easier for everyone to know it’s your birthday, but if he remembers special dates that aren’t posted anywhere, he is more involved in your life than you may have thought.


His Friends Know You

You hadn’t met his friends before but they all already knew it’s you? Looks like someone has been talking a lot about a friend he is falling for…


He Looks Better Around You

Men don’t usually put in much effort to improve their appearance, but if a guy-friend looks well-dressed when with you, and wears his PJs to other hangouts, he is trying to look better for you to like him back.


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