Weaker sex? While it's true most women have more struggles in certain areas of their lives than their male counterparts, there's no denying that being a woman offers its perks as well. With the protective benefits of female hormones, combined with healthier lifestyle choices, being a woman offers more benefits than anyone gives credit to. While sometimes you may be wishing you were a man in this man’s world, there are far more advantages of being a woman that will make you appreciate being a woman a little more.

20 Obvious Advantages of Being a Female


Women Live Longer

On average, women tend to live four years longer than men. There is no definitive answer for why this is the case, but some speculate that it has to do with the social ties women tend to keep with their family and friends.


Woman Can Tolerate Higher Levels of Pain

Childbirth is enough evidence for this point, but studies indicate that women really do have a higher pain threshold than men. While women have been looked upon as fragile, weak and overly sensitive to any ache or pain, the opposite is actually true.


Higher Survival Melanoma Rates

While melanoma rates in younger women are higher than men, it is rare for this type of deadly skin cancer to from before the age of 50. At that age, men actually, have a higher rate of reported cases of it and women who develop this disease have a 30% better chance of surviving than men.


Women Are Better Communicators

Men may speak more words, but they tend to use the same words in most situations and struggle with their command of language in social settings. Women, on the other hand, will use a greater range of words and have excellent communication skills in social situations.


Women Can Wear Whatever They Want

One of the best advantages of being a woman is the limitless wardrobe possibilities. There's no doubt that women can dress in a pantsuit, evening gown or even an old t-shirt and still look stunning. Men are pretty much limited to pants and shirts and need to put effort into making it look good.


Cheaper Car Insurance

Women are looked at as less of a risk when they are behind the wheel and this mean a low price for car insurance. Women are 50% less likely to drive while intoxicated and are overall more cautious drivers.


Public Restrooms

It is no secret that most places you go will have nicer women's restrooms over the men's room. A number of them come equipped with couches or chairs, smell better, and have a variety of hand soaps and fragrances. Well, however, you may complain not enough restrooms.


Women Have Higher Levels of the Good Cholesterol

Women have higher HDL cholesterol levels which are associated with having a healthy heart. Throughout the “childbearing years” of a woman's life, these cholesterol levels increase and once they have gone through menopause, the levels continue to rise.


Women Have Better Memories

While there is no evidence that suggestion why women are able to recall things much better than men, it could be due to lower blood pressure and less risk of cardiovascular disease. Women have fewer memory issues throughout their life than men up until they are well into their old age.


Lower Belly Fat

This may be hard to believe but unlike their male counterparts, women do not tend to have excess fat in their midsection. While they may have bigger butts, hips and thighs, excess fat around the belly leads to an increase chance of heart disease and certain cancers.


They Graduate College at a Younger Age

Women take their education seriously and don't slack off when it comes to getting their degree. Most women who enroll in college right after high school graduate by the time they are 22. So, one of the advantages of being a woman is that they tend to get a head start on creating a career at a younger age.


Women Survive Critical Accidents

When it comes to being in a serious accident, women tend to have a higher survival rate than men. This could be due to a number of reasons but you might be feeling pretty thankful for being a woman if you ever find yourself in a serious fender bender.


Women Can Have More Fun with Their Hair

Men are limited with how many styles they can experiment when it comes to their hair. Women, on the other hand, have endless options when it comes to the color, cut, and style of their hair on a day-to-day basis.


Risk of Heart Attack Comes Later in Life

Most men will begin to be at a higher risk of heart disease once they hit their 40's, women, on the other hand, have ten extra years before they are considered at risk. Heart disease is the number one killer of both men and women but women have some extra time to change their lifestyle to a healthier one before they are at risk of developing heart disease.


Women Won't Get Shamed for Crying

When a man cries, they are often ridiculed and laughed at, but when a woman cries, she is comforted and consulted. Men often have a tough guy image they have to fulfill while women are able to get their emotions out without being made fun of.


Women Are More Adaptable

Women are more likely to be flexible and can accept changes more easily than men. Women are more likely to find ways to adapt to uncomfortable situations where men are more likely to give up.


No Can Tell When Women Are Aroused

Even when they are naked, there is no clear indication that women are aroused or in the mood. Men, on the other hand, have a clear giveaway and are often left trying to hide it even when fully clothed and in public.


Women Are Less Likely to Be Labeled as a Pervert

Think of it this way, would you be more concerned about a woman sitting by herself in a playground full of kids or a man sitting in the same playground full of kids and neither seem to have children of their own there? Women are less likely to be viewed as a predator or pervert in many situations.


People Do More for Women

Having doors held open, items reached from the top shelf in the grocery store, morning coffee bought for them, people tend to do more good deeds towards women, which they never consider doing for men. You know one of the advantages of being a woman is the ability to smile and ask politely to get a lot of things at no cost.


Women Take Ownership of Who They Are

Whether they are career driven, a stay at home mom or simply a free spirit, women are more likely to genuine and true to themselves. They are also more likely to pursue their passion and dreams than men are. Do you agree?


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