Yes, women may have the looks and desirable assets but there are some things about being a man that give them great pride and inflate their ego. While some may think the grass is greener on the other side, after reading this list of benefits to being a man, you'll see that there's a reason it's considered a man's world. These advantages of being a man will show you there is nothing that can compensate for the experiences a man goes through during his life cycle.

20 Obvious Advantages of Being a Male


They Don't Need a Bathroom

Men have the clear advantage of being able to pee anywhere at any time. You never have to worry about squatting and having someone cover you in case someone passes by. Men can simply unzip and go.


Men Can Be Ready In 5 Minutes or Less

While it can take women hours to get ready, men only need 5 minutes in most cases. This means you can sleep in, watch more TV or play your video games for longer, which are good things since you will most likely be waiting on your female friend or date to finish getting ready.


Men Suffer Less

Men have the huge advantage of never having to suffer through a monthly cycle. No PMS, cramps and mood swings. You have to give women credit for how much they suffer on monthly basis.


Men Get Shamed Less for Being Unmarried

Once women reach their 30's while unmarried, they get the label of a spinster, which isn't nearly as pleasant sounding as bachelor. Men have the luxury of being able to remain unmarried well past 30's while women are constantly questioned about their marital status.


Men Add Character with Age

Gray hair and wrinkles are not feared as men get older, in fact, it makes them more distinguished. While women need to worry about dying their hair and by expensive skin care products to look youthful, men are just considered more attractive as they age.


You Don't Need to Wear a Shirt

On those hot and humid summer days, it is totally acceptable for a man to walk down the street without a shirt on. Women, on the other hand, can be arrested for going topless.


You Can Quickly Dress Yourself

One of the major advantages of being a man is no one pays close enough attention to what you are wearing, allowing you to wear the same thing for multiple days. While women have to match and accessorize, men can easily grab a T-shirt and jeans and be ready to go.


You Don't Have to Wait in Line for the Bathroom

When they do decide to use the bathroom, they often don't have a long wait. Lines for the women's room mean a 15 minute wait time or more, but for men they can typically walk right in and out without more than a minute or two of waiting.


Men Tend to Be Happier

Women are often twice as likely to suffer from depression. While there's a long list of reasons for why this is true, men typically don't have to worry about them, so they tend to have less stress and fewer things to become depressed over.


Men Are Less Anxious

Women tend to make up a huge percentage of people who suffer from various anxiety disorders. Men have less social fears, animal phobias, and are overall less likely to be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.


Men Can Better Defend Themselves

While men are more likely to get into physical altercation, they have a better chance of being able to defend themselves in such instance, whether the attacker is male or female. Women, unfortunately, are often helpless when attacked by a male predator.


Men Hold Higher Ranking Positions

Whether it is in politics or as the CEO of a large corporation, men are more likely to hold high-paying and higher valued jobs than women. While this is not an indication of men being more qualified for these positions, it does show that men are more competitive when it comes to getting a higher ranking job.


Men Also Make More Money

While this is something that is being fought against, the fact is men tend to get paid more than women holding the same position even with the same experience. These higher wages from men could be due to women who take more time off for family, but in general, men can expect to be paid more than women in many industries.


No Childbirth

One of the major advantages of being a man is not having to suffer through childbirth. Nine months of discomfort then hours of contractions are something men will never have to know and luckily they don't.


Silence Isn't Uncomfortable

Unlike most women who constantly need to talk or comment on things, men can easily sit silently, alone without feeling uncomfortable. They don't have to talk or make commentary while watching a movie or being out to dinner.


Having an Orgasm Is Easier

While women can have multiple orgasms, it can be difficult for them to even have one. Men, on the other hand, can easily have one in little to no time which is much better than not having one at all or having to partake in long segments of foreplay.


Men Benefit from Double Standards

Society has a number of double standards that men get congratulated for in most instances and women get shamed for, such as, having sex with multiple partners, drinking till they pass out, eating a pizza the size of house, and many others. It's a terrible truth but men don't have to worry so much about the choices they make like women do.


Men Can Cry and No One Can Tell

Men are ridiculed for crying which is the main reason they never cry in public, but that doesn't mean they don't cry when no one else is around. Luckily for men they can have a good cry and 20 seconds later, no one would be the wiser. Women, however, will have red puffy eyes and make will be completely disheveled.


Sitting Comfortable in Public Doesn't Require Any Thought

Unlike women who have to sit properly with their legs closed when can simply plop down, men can sit with their legs spread wide open without any thoughts or concern for what others will think.


It's OK for Men to Be Messy

Unlike women who are supposed to keep a clean house, one of the advantages of being a man includes not have to be neat and tidy. Men also almost never will have to clean a toilet, for some reason, a man can always find someone who will clean their toilet for them.


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