Love, the most magical phenomenon each one of us experiences at least once in our lives, is so complicated when it is unrequited and unconfirmed. How do you know you are in love? How do you know it is true? Chock full of questions come up when you fall in love, which are sometimes hopeful and sometimes scary. The experience is an entire roller coaster of emotions that range from restless nights to butterflies at the beloved’s sight. However, remember that love is different from just a crush, and it messes with you a little, so if you want to know what falling in love feels like, read on.

What Does Falling in Love Feel Like?


Newer Interests

Falling in love has its own effects. When a person falls for another, they don’t fall for just the person, but their lifestyles and their natures. Naturally, what your beloved likes or is associated with, you will be interested to indulge in those activities, too.


Stressing Out

Stress is shown to have a link with love, not because of heartbreak or such, but because various fears along with a few insecurities spring up when you are falling in love, increasing stress hormone cortisol. Because you love, you want to be loved, and you get anxious thinking how to do that.


Feeling Inspired

When a person falls in love, dopamine is activated in the brain which serves as a motivational system, driving them to make efforts for the lover. However, this is mostly in the initial stages of love when you’re still trying to get the lover fall for you. Later on, this motivation may level lower.


Devoting More

In the realm of busy lives, it is not easy to invest your time, attention, and money on any person other than yourselves and your family. If you have found yourself devoting more of your life to that person, you must know "what does falling in love feel like".



Every person who has ever loved, or has been close to falling in love, knows what weird fluttering sensations we feel when we see the person we love or think about them. The cause of this is yet to be proven, but it is believed to be caused by adrenaline that, again, love can cause.


Happier Than Ever

Love can make a person happier than ever! If researched, it is known to be caused by dopamine, the chemical that motivates you and makes you enthusiastic. This feeling of excitement is realized when a person finds themselves smiling for no reason, or laughing a little too loud.


Only Him/Her

Nothing in the world exists for you except the person you are in love with, when you are in love. We lose focus and all our thoughts are directed only towards that one special person. It is said that the chemical norepinephrine in our brain causes this.


Sexual Attraction

With all the bizarre chemical reactions going on in your head when you are in love, the neurotransmitter Serotonin’s levels decline, elevating the levels of lustful feelings you experience for the significant other. Sex may not be the definition of love, but it is sure a great component of it, and being only humane, we have feelings of sexual attraction especially for whom we love.


Obsessed With Them

When people ask “What does falling in love feel like?”, most of the answers detail a list of obsessive behaviors of the lovers. The reduction in the levels of serotonin promotes obsessions and that is why you may find yourself stalking them on Facebook late at night, hoping to find what they like, dislike, watch, don’t watch, wear, don’t wear, eat, don’t eat, and the list goes on.


Feeling Pained

Feeling happier than ever is associated with initial stages of love, but feeling pained and depressed is also a sign that you are in love because you become so vulnerable as your Serotinin levels drop, and even a single message that goes unanswered can hurt you.


Romantic Optimism

People often boast about how perfect their lover is, and even though their claims may not be facts, but as their mind knows, they are unable to see any negative qualities of their beloved. They don’t say “love is blind” for no reason – now you know.



The saying “Love is a drug” is quite true when logically thought of. Researches have proven that love does, indeed, induce drug-like reactions in the lovers’ bodies, forcing them into a portal of mood swings, disturbed sleep patterns, and bodily symptoms such as breathlessness and trembling. Now you know why your heart skips a beat every time you see him/her!


For Ever

Life is short and ‘Forever’s are big words, but not for the people falling in love. For them, forever is their desire. A lover never gets tired of their beloved and wishes to spend more time with them. The emotional dependency this portrays is an inevitable outcome of love and attachment, which can quite powerfully impact a person when the need of that person is not fulfilled.


One Soul

If you really, truly love a person, you will be naturally aware and more understanding of their emotions. Their joy and pain are both as equally yours as theirs, and so this synchronization encourages empathetic responses and actions. Anyone who hurts the person you love has indirectly hurt you just as much, and anyone who is good to them, you will have a positive impression of him/her.


The Future

Talking about your plans of five hours later is normal, but when you make plans for both of you together for five months later is where you prove that you expect that person to stay in your life. It is possible that you do not even realize that you are talking about a distant future, not a near future. What does falling in love feel like? This is a sure sign.


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