Has your sex life not been living up to its full potential? Maybe you've been thinking you bedroom manner can use a little spice? Whether you want to bring the heat back or are completely happy with the way your sex life has been, adding in some games and role play can be exciting and fun. These sex games for couples are the perfect thing to keep your sex life active and interesting.

Kinky Sex Games That Couples Can Try to Liven Up the Bedroom Play


Pick Your Fantasy

This game lets you write out your secret fantasy on a piece of paper and shuffle them into a bowl. You only need to write down five each and you take turns picking them out. Then you can have fun and act out the fantasies. Or you can talk about them which is sure to get you both excited.


Would You Rather

Most people have played the PG version of this game, but when it comes to bedroom games, you want to think a little dirtier. Lie down in bed and ask each other naughty question and which one you would rather do. Before you know it, you both will be turned on and ready to go.


Strip Tease Questions

This game starts off with both of you fully clothed. Take turns asking each other personal question. If you get the answer wrong, take off an article of clothing. You can also mix in taking a shot with each wrong question to add a little more fun into the game.


Focused Foreplay

For this game, all you need is a timer. Set the timer for at least 20 minutes and start it. During this time, the two of you can only tease each other by kissing or touching. You are not allowed to have any form of penetration, but instead can only focus on amping up your foreplay. 


​Sex Dice

You can find sexy dice at most sex shops and this is a simple way to add some spice in the bedroom without having to be overly creative. If you are new incorporating sex games for couples into the bedroom, this is a good one to start off with. Buy a pair of dice which will have a die with different body parts on it and a die with a sexual action on it. Roll the dice and perform the action on the given body part.


Sexy Cards

Grab a deck of cards and assign each suit in the deck a sexual act such as kissing, oral or massage, each number on the card representing seconds. Take turns picking a card from the deck which will be the act you have to perform on the other person for the given amount of time.


Sexual Truth or Dare

Play this game just as you would do for traditional truth or dare by asking the other person to pick either to tell a truth or perform a dare, but put a sexy twist on the commands. Ask to reveal secret fantasies, favorite positions or dare them to perform a strip tease.


Feather Tease

This can be a highly erotic game to play in the bedroom. All you need is a soft feather. Take turns trying to make the other orgasm by only using the feather. You'll have to know where the best spots are to tease your mate, and the outcome will be well worth it.


Guess the Spot

This game is super simple. You each choose a spot on your own body and the other has to try and find the spot by kissing various places on your body. You can take turns and whoever finds the spot first wins, the loser will have to perform a sexual act on the winner.


One Step Forward or One Step Back

This game is best played with the woman lying naked on the bed and your partner starting at the doorway. Ask your partner question about yourself that they should know the answer to. The question can be sexual like your favorite sex position or general like your favorite color. For each right answer, they get to take one step forward; for each wrong answer, they have to take one step back.


Double Dares

One of the sex games for couples is like truth or dare but without the truths. Simply give each other two sexual dares to pick from, like talk dirty to me for 10 minutes or feed me cherries while blindfolded. This is also one you can have going all day by sending dares that require them to do something every hour like sending a sext message or naughty picture.


Who Comes First?

This game is a race to see who can pleasure themselves the fastest. You each lay naked next to each other and begin to masturbate - the first one to come first wins. The loser will have to perform a sexual act when the winner asks for it in the future.


Guess the Toy

Play this game by having one of you blindfolded. The other person caresses the one blindfolded using various sex toys or items like a feather, silk underwear, or ice. The person has to guess what the item is before moving on to the next item. 


Strip Tease Pong

This is a spin on the popular beer pong game and can be played with or without the beer. Set up cups in a triangle on each end of a long table as you would when playing beer pong. Each time someone makes their ball into a cup, the other person has to take off a piece of clothing.


Role Play

Whether its doctor/patient, Tarzan and Jan or cops and robbers, adding in a little role play is a sure fire way to make thing interesting and exciting in the bedroom. Use costumes, props and whatever else that will get you both worked up and in the mood for love. Just imagine and you will have an endless number of sex games for couples you can play whenever you desire.


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