No matter how deep your love is or how strongly you are attracted to your partner, sex always runs out of passion if you hold on to your usual activities. Sex is just something that loses its freshness very fast. Both men and women get tired of the usual sexual foreplay. Well, that’s the basic nature of human mind; each moment we are looking for something new. Then role play is something that could help you at this point. But how to roleplay sexually? Well, here is the complete guide for your help.


Brainwash yourself

Most of the people do not try roleplay, just because they feel that it’s too weird. They say they can’t even think of it. Well, that’s the point. If you can think of it, you can surely do it. So, give a try; imagine yourself in the scenario. Just start with simple roleplay situations and see how far you could succeed in doing it. Once you are able to successfully imagine it, everything is going to be simpler and more entertaining. In fact, you will automatically feel a thrust to try it, because of the curiosity.


Try alternate ideas

Some specific acts or roles may be unacceptable to some people. Well, try to find alternative solutions for such cases. You can start with simple plays in the beginning till you could come out of the initial nervousness or shame. Or you can act as strangers so that you do not have to put too much of efforts. And one of the best ideas is one person acting as dominant and the other one submissive. Let the confident one among you be the dominant person, so that the dominant one takes control of everything.


Let your partner know what you want

Be frank, but don’t tell it straight away if you believe that your partner may not accept it with an open mind. Be a bit tricky while convincing your partner. Understand that the idea of roleplay may seem weird at first. But once you are able to experiment it, I am sure you will get addicted to it. But the phase of convincing you partner is the toughest. Well, don’t worry, just induce some curiosity in your partner; just ask him or her to imagine the situation. And just share your imagination with your partner.


Have a Plan

A well-drafted plan is the base of success in any goal. And sexual roleplay is not an exemption to it. Once you are okay with convincing you partner and choosing the right roles, craft a plan. Let your plan be coming directly out of your imagination and fantasies. And do not forget to involve your partner while doing this. And if both of you are confident about the plan, the act is really going to be fun and pleasure. If your partner does not know how to roleplay sexually; this plan will also give him or her better idea.


Define your boundaries

Well, it’s time to be a bit formal. Each person would have their own set of likes and dislikes. While doing sexual roleplays, it’s very important to make sure that no one’s interests are affected. That will make sure that the play is going to be fun and without being selfish. Both of the partners should explain what they do not like or what he or she cannot accept. For example, some may have a strong dislike towards anal sex. In that case, make a strict condition that anal sex will not be tried. And choosing a safe word is another important matter in defining the limits. Safe word helps you intimate your partner if he or she is crossing the limits.


Execute your play

Okay, we have reached the final and the most important step in the sexual roleplay. For the first time, it may seem weird and funny. But once you could take the courage to try it, all the nervousness and tension will be gone. It is going to be more fun than your usual boring sex. Each moment will be filled with eagerness, curiosity and fun. If you feel too much tensed while doing it, just remember that it’s just a game. There is nothing to worry, both of you are having fun. And nobody is ever going to know how you acted with your partner. Just try to enjoy the moment.

25 Recommended Role Play Ideas

Okay, that’s how you prepare for the roleplay and how you execute it. But if you really don’t know you how to roleplay sexually, here are some ideas that you could make use of.

​The Repairman

Do you have leaky tap or damaged bulb? Well, let your partner be the one to fix it.


Cheerleader and Football Player

So cute combination, isn’t it? Well, if you are just out of your high school, you should really try this. You will get a feeling of being back to the school again.


Teacher and Student

Teacher and student roleplay is one of the most favorite combination for young people, especially the ones who are just out from high school.



Yeah, it’s time to move your body. And both of you could be a stripper. Select a seductive song and start your action.


Movie Scene

This is simple. There must be some film scenes that turned you on like anything. Just try to recreate those scenes with your partner.



Firemen are always hot. Let you bedroom be on fire and your partner be the one to save you.


Control Freak

Let one of you just lie down without any response and the other one initiate everything until the person lying down loses the control.


Chef and Server

You don’t have to waste much time cooking. Concentrate more on the serving and seducing side.



Be each other’s bather. Use the essential oils, soap and all the necessary items. Enjoy the bath slowly and with fun.


Doctor and Nurse

Nothing is sexier than a doctor nurse relationship.


Painter and Muse

If you are inclined to art, try this one. Let one of you pose in nude or in semi-nude. Be the artist among you portrays the scene and gradually you move to sex.



See how beautifully your partner masturbates. Use that vision to turn on yourself.



Get some oil and start your massage session. But start as if you are a professional massager. And gradually both of you losses control and start making out.


Actor and Fan

How to roleplay sexually? Actor or actress and the fan is usually a hot combination to try.


Call Girl and Customer

Be a professional call girl in bedroom.


Dominant and Submissive

This is one of the most preferred roles among couples. Because, everyone is naturally either submissive or dominant. Each one of us really loves one of it so much. But let each one of the partner enjoy both the roles. Take shifts each day.


On Flight

Having fun in plane is risky. But the risk is always with some fun and pleasure.


House Owner and Tenant

Do you have some rent dues? Well, settle it with your partner; get naughty.



If you are a good singer, just try this once. Just sing a seductive song and let your partner enjoy being seduced.


Porn Star

Yeah, have you ever felt fascinated by the stunning performance of a porn star? Okay then, it’s time to act like one. In the world with your partner, you are the best porn star and the best one to satisfy him or her.


Stranger at Pub

Go to a local pub and act as if you don’t know each other. Let one of you try to make a hit. But be a bit strict. Try to act as if you do not know each other.


Hotel Maid and Guest

Have you ever been attracted towards a hot maid in some hotel? Then you will really love this one.


Gym Trainer and Trainee

Gym trainers are always hot. And a hot training section could satisfy you like anything.


Delivery Boy and Customer

Nothing is much seductive than provoking a pizza delivery boy. Try this at home. You can also try delivery girl.


Boss and Employee

You should not miss this one if you are employed. You would already know how much attracted you were, towards a hot colleague you have always dreamt of having fun with.


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