More often than not, women in relationships feel neglected or ‘less loved’ than they did before. Relationships, in their first year, blossom to their fullest, and then the efforts made by your boyfriend for proving his love to you may subside or lessen. That is natural, however, no woman wants to experience an emotional distance from her boyfriend. The list that follows has tips and suggestions to teach you how to make your boyfriend want you more. Remember, despite the pain that such a situation causes, it is a common problem in relationships and can be handled with ease.

Want to Make Your Boyfriend Want You More? Learn These!


Warm Him Up!

Men are extremely easy when it comes to catching their attention. All you have to do is to make a warming, seductive move especially in a public place to make him think only about you all day. He will forget about all the crowds around you, and once you put your hand in his pocket while walking, or on his thigh while in the bus, he will desire you so much more intensely.


Less Is More!

Girls often make the mistake of dumping their entire daily diaries on their boyfriends, telling them everything about their day, while men usually grow bored listening to the details. When you tell him every little detail about your life, he will have nothing to wonder about you. Be mysterious sometimes, and make him ask you for details, because then you’ll actually be listened to.


Be Wanted

Men are more about egos when it comes to women. Dress nicely, and look desirable, not only for your boyfriend but also to attract the attention of other men. When your man will find other men glancing at you with desire, he will feel more possessive towards you, and he will also appreciate the fact that he has you – a woman other men want but can’t have.


Change Is Good

It is possible that the lack of interest you suspect from your boyfriend may be because you are just the same as you were, and his sense of excitement can be revived if you change your appearance notably, like changing your hair color. Not only will the change bring him to notice you in detail, but also boost up your self-confidence, which is exactly one effective answer to how to make your boyfriend want you more.


Old Fragrances

Being humans, there are some biological aspects that we all share commonly, like scents and smells, which trigger psychological effects, like revival of memories connected to those smells. Similarly, when you feel like you and your boyfriend aren’t making as much memories anymore, use an old perfume or smell to take you both back in time and re-live those moments of closeness.


Be Hard to Get

If you are being too easy to please, your boyfriend will obviously stop making extra efforts for you, because he won’t need to. Being ALWAYS there, ready to do whatever he wants becomes routine after a while and he won’t think much about you because he would always know that you’ll be there anytime – make time for yourself and surprise him with delaying your next date to make him wait for you.


Take It Off

You take your bra off in bed quite often, but that is nothing unusual to catch his attention. Instead, go around your day with him without your undergarments under your clothes and he will not be able to stop his inevitable glances at your bouncy top, or nips showing through teasing him so cruelly. This works best especially when you’re both out for dinner, so he has to wait to put his hands on you.


Cook for Him

Cooking up a special dish for him is an underrated way of showing love and getting love back. If you don’t often cook, he will be surprised when you do cook for him only when you feel like it, so that it becomes special and unpredictable. What’s more, he might even reward you with gifts for making this effort for him, and you can finish off your dinner with a hot night under the blankets.


Get Away

No, we’re not telling you to escape, but simply to get away on a little holiday with your girls. Firstly, you will enjoy and become happier – a happier woman is more attractive. Secondly, stay in such contact with him throughout the days away that you make him wonder about you, and drop in some innocent hints of getting physical with him so that his desire for you explodes when he sees you back home.


Be Excited

As mentioned before, a happy woman is more attractive. If you want to know how to make your boyfriend want you more, start enjoying yourself and be excited about little things. Change your attitude from soppy (If that’s the case) and smile more often. Your positive energy will be enjoyed by him, too, and he will want to spend time with you.


Have Respect

In a relationship, feelings have to be mutual and reciprocated. None of the either partner is below or above the other, which many women fail to understand and they don’t really respect themselves enough. When you don’t respect or value your own self, then you cannot expect your boyfriend to respect you. Don’t be abused, and stand up for yourself when you must.


Get Wild

Men like being passionate and wild when it comes to performance in bed. Most women let men do all the work in bed and are too hesitant to let themselves lose control and go wild or actually dirty. If you fear that practicing your wildest fantasies may scare him off or make you look like a bad girl, think again, because men like exploring and sex tends to get boring if it is always the same.


Act Smart

While men may conquer the world with their abilities, women have higher IQs as proven by many surveys. Showing him that you are a woman of mind and heart will make him look at you as a partner who is equal to him, and not inferior to him in any sense. Be aware of what goes on in the world, improve your general knowledge, and discuss factual issues with him.


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