Most men put a lot of time and effort into making their woman feel loved and cared for so that they can get as much of this attention in return because men want and need to feel like they are an important part of your life as well. How to make a man feel loved doesn't have to involve grand gestures, there are a number of small daily things you can do that will let your man know how much you love them. This article will reveal some great ways to make your man feel just as loved and cared for as he makes you feel.


Make him something special

The best way to a man's heart as the saying goes is through his stomach. If you know his favorite meal, dessert or snack, make it for him for no reason at all. He'll feel special for you took the time to make something he will really enjoy eating.


Appreciate how much he provides

Even if you both have careers, your man wants to feel like he is taking care of you financially. Let him know how much you appreciate how he provides for you and your family. Not only does this make him feel loved, it also makes him feel like a more important factor in your life.


Kiss him

Guys always feel special when their partner shows them affection for no reason. Be sure to kiss, hug and touch him often to let him know how much you love him. You don't have to be overly affectionate, but be sure to kiss him as much as you can.


Take up one of his hobbies

While you both have your own independent hobbies you enjoy doing, he will be incredibly impressed by you taking a special interest in something he really enjoys doing. Choose a hobby that you can really get into and enjoy doing with him. He will feel extremely loved that you made the extra effort to do something he loves doing just to spend more time with him.


Initiate sex

How to make a man feel loved can be easily done when you take more action in sex. Most guys are expected to make all the first moves which they often don't mind. However, every once in a while, initiate sex, instead of waiting for him to do it. Not only will he feel extra loved, but he will also be incredibly turned on by your actions.


Dish out the compliments when he does something

Unfortunately, most women “nag” their man to do things around the house, which can often lead to frustrations. Instead of nagging him, be sure to compliment when he does help out. Thank him for taking out the garbage, express your gratitude for how thoughtful he is, and let him know that you notice all the ways he does help out around the house and with the kids.


Give him little reminders

It doesn't take much time or effort to write a little love note to him or send him a quick text to let him know you are thinking of him and that you love him. Leave a note in his lunch, briefcase or waiting for him in the car will let him know you care about him.


Compliment his looks

Your man wants to know that you still find him attractive and he needs to hear this every once in a while. When he wears that shirt you love, let him know how much you love the way he looks in it, point out your favorite thing about him or just tell him how good he looks.



When you know you have done something wrong, hurt his feelings or said something you shouldn't have, be quick to apologize. Asking for his forgiveness when you have done something you know he isn't happy about will show your respect for him and that you care about his feelings.


Encourage him

If he has big goals he dreams about accomplishing, encourage him to work towards them. How to make a man feel loved can be done by showing him you support him always. Offer any help you can give to help him achieve the goals he sets and he will not only feel loved, but incredibly lucky to have such a motivational girlfriend like you.


Give him space

Whether it's to hang out with his friend or just be alone, you guy needs to have some time to regroup from his daily life. Give him a day where he can just relax and enjoy doing the things he loves to do without having to worry about his job, the kids or any of the other responsibilities he takes control of the rest of the time.


Be silly

Happiness is the key to a healthy and long lasting relationship. You want to make it a point to be able to have fun with each whether it's just being playful or harmless teasing. Take the time to have more fun and be silly in your relationship and he will appreciate you all the more.


Take care of yourself

When it comes to making him feel loved, this also involves loving yourself. When he sees you taking care of yourself whether it's eating healthier, exercising or how you dress, this indicates to him that you want to be the best version of yourself for him.


Always have postie things to say about him.

Whenever you talk about him to your friends, family or his family, always brag about him. Whether he is around or not, you want to make him feel like he is the best thing to ever happen to you. While this can embarrass him when he is present, deep down he is feeling very loved.


Ask for his help

Guys like being able to fix things, so every once in a while, even if you know you can do things without his advice, ask for it anyways. How to make a man feel loved includes not just asking for his advice, take it too. When he sees you taking his advice, it will make him feel better about himself in a number of ways.


Acknowledge his efforts

There are plenty of ways you guys tries to make you feel special on a regular basis, and you want to let him know that you notice these things. Instead of pointing out the mess he made while trying to cook you dinner or breakfast, thank him for his thoughtfulness.


Be a little possessive

This isn't something you want to do all the time but sometimes you'll want to show a little aggressiveness towards that hot co-worker or old friend. This will show him that you not only love being with him, but that you are a little scared that you could lose him.


Don't make big decisions without him

Before you make an expensive purchase, take on a new position or start a side business, consult him. Ask for his point of view on the matter. This will show him that he is a major factor in your life.


Additional way to make your man feel special

  • Give him a back massage

  • Learn his love language

  • Do the chores he hates doing for him every once in a while

  • Smile at him often

  • Don't wake him early on the weekend

  • Touch his arms, knee or hand when you sit next to him

  • Be on the same team

  • Let him know you are proud of him

  • Tell him you love him, often


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