More often than not, men chase women who are not interested, because for them, getting that girl to like them is a challenge that they would love to accomplish. At such a time, every woman must know how to friend zone a guy to avoid any troubles that may spring up. It is weird to altogether abandon a friend just because he likes you, but you can put him in the friend zone to let him know that you do not feel the same way for him, and you definitely do not want to be anything more than friends.

Try These Ways to Friend Zone a Guy


Talk like a Dude

Girls usually become squeaky and girly around men they are attracted to. That’s just natural. If you do the opposite, that is, to talk like a guy to them, they will tend to feel more friendly towards you instead of thinking about you romantically. Call them ‘dude’, ‘bro’, and names like that to subside any hopes he might have that you feel the same way for them.


Love Them Like a Sibling

Once you call him a ‘brother’ and act like a sister with him, he will himself pull his heart out of where it had started to fall for you. Making them a sibling will keep your friendship bond just as strong as it was before, but will eliminate the risk of him falling for you, since he would never fall for his sister.


Distract Them

If your guy friend is already on the path to falling for you and you fear that you cannot keep up with that, then the best way for how to friend zone a guy is to direct his steps towards another girl. Give him dating advice and try setting him up with other girls who he might like.


Disgust Them

Be brazen and fart or burp in front of him. If you two are really close friends, it is easier for one to hope that the friendship transforms into more, and to draw a line, you can disgust them by carrying out your biological functions in front of them, so that they know that you are in no way interested in being anything more than friends.


Say It Out

If nothing else works in suppressing your guy friend’s feelings for you, just make it clear to them that you are not interested in him. Harsh as it may seem, but it is the only way to ensure that his feelings don’t develop for a long time for you, and are taken care of better sooner than later.


Give Hints

When he is giving hints that show his interest, then you must give him hints to show your disinterest. Casual hints that tell him that he is the same for you as other friends will make him think twice before falling any harder for you. Drop topics that might spring up him confessing his emotions for you.


Hang Out in Groups

It is natural for him to want to spend more time with you alone, but since that has higher chances of disaster because you do not want him to make a move, it is better to hang out with other friends around too. If he makes plans for a night out, talk about bringing other friends into the plan.


Don't Just Walk Away

You don’t want to walk away from the friend, that is why you are seeking how to friend zone a guy in the first place. Even if that friend is running head over heels after you, texting you all day or so, then instead of simply ignoring them, just talk to them without giving them any wrong ideas.


Be Unmindful

He is making efforts to show his interest in you and if you act like you have knowledge of his feelings, things might become awkward. The easier way is to laugh off any such conversations and act naïve and oblivious. However, that is only when he is dropping subtle hints – but you have to take action when he starts leveling up his efforts.


Show Him Who He Is

Without turning any tables and causing a havoc, try talking to him about everything in your life like you would talk to a girlfriend. This way, you will assure him that he is like amigo for you, a friend, a listener, and nothing more. When he sees the value you give to the friendship, he will avoid messing it up.


Don't Be Flawless

A guy who is interested in you must have seen only your perfection, and to shatter that image he is falling in love with, try displaying all your flaws – major or minor – to him. Your flaws will not push him away or think lower of you, but only serve to show him that you are an ordinary girl.


Be Who You Want Him to Be

If you consider yourself a good friend, and you think that he is getting a little too attached to you and is getting overboard, then you must show him by actions what a ‘friend’ is, and where the limits are. When he is in need, be there for him like a friend would, and avoid actions that bring you two physically close or so.


Talk About Your Crush

While this may be painful for him, it is important to show your guy friend that you have someone else in your heart so that he understands that his feelings are only one-sided and futile. Talk about your past relationships or latest crush, without taking it too far, but to only declare that your heart is taken – even if it is not.


Avoid Grants

If you both hang out a lot and he is always paying for you, or getting you expensive gifts, it is unfair to take that advantage. You must deny these acts politely, split the bill, and pay for yourself whether it is a dinner or a shopping spree.


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