Love fills the smallest moment with a world of happiness. But sometimes unhealthy behaviors and situations tend to create bitterness in a relationship. Nowadays, people easily call it quit. Thoughts of separation or dumping your partner are getting quite common. For some, it is easy to move on with life, while some don’t want to give up. If your love has something worth fighting for, you should give it a chance. But the question is, when, why and how to fight for love.

When and Why to Fight for Love?

Every relationship goes through dry spells. Instead of losing hope and calling it quit, you always have the chance to make amends. But how would you decide whether this relationship is worth fighting for or not? If you are willing to face all the inconvenience in this relationship wholeheartedly and if the thought of losing him/her scares the hell out of you, that means you really love him/her. That means you should fight for love. Contrary to that, if losing that person doesn’t make any difference in your life, you should move on.

Don’t Beat the Dead Horse!

You cannot fight for your love alone. A relationship is a two-way road. When you are sure that your partner is not interested in you anymore and there is no chance of his/her return, you should quit. Trying to maintain a relationship on your own would end in heartbreak only.

How to Fight for Love

Here we have compiled the best ways to win back your long-lost love.

Communicate Mutually!

Getting reconnected after a tough phase requires the participation by both partners. Efforts by a single individual would not help. So, if you two are mature enough to accept things whole heartedly without playing blame games, you must communicate and discuss your fears. Listen to one patiently. Let him talk about what bothers him. Once he is done, express what upsets you about this whole situation.

Note: Always choose a time when you two are in a relaxed and emotionally cool state of mind.


Reignite Your Passion

How to fight for love when you don’t have that intimacy you had once. Try to relive the time when you were happy together. What was it that kept you attracted to each other. You might have lost that spark at the moment. But getting it back is not impossible. Try to bring positive changes to revive those long-lost moments.


A Real Connection

Many times, the relationships lack the real feelings of love and intimacy. All that remains is an illusion of being connected. Partners have no attraction for each other. They only try to control each other’s lives. Maybe, you too have entered into that dangerous phase. To fight for the survival of your love, replace this illusion with the real-time feelings of love and kindness. Express your viewpoints and listen to your partner’s.


Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe!

It’s your relationship and only you can run it. All those external influences you have in your life can only damage your bonding. Stop sharing your woes (even the happiness) with outsiders. They have nothing good to offer. Treat your life as a secret and don’t discuss your troubles with anyone except your partner.


Give the Other Person Some Space

Heated moments are a part of every relationship. You argue, find faults and try to impose your own thoughts and opinions on them. This would not serve you in any way, rather it would worsen the situation. The more you try to prove your arguments, the more defensive position he/she would take. Instead of forcing a change on them, try to adjust your own approach. Cool down and ignore such heated moments. Above all, give them some space. It would not just make you feel better, but your partner would also have a melted heart.


Let Go of the Past

Bitterness and negative experience of your past would always have a negative impact on your relationship. Couples who can’t sort out their past differences would never be able to move on unitarily. If you really want to save this relation, stop dragging the past in. Whatever bad happened, was your past. Forgive each other and try to make things better by performing some cute acts of kindness and love each day.


Set Boundaries!

Learning how to fight for love is not possible without resolving the core issues between you. And to do that, you better set some boundaries for both of you. Make sure that the issues that have been haunting your relationship, are not repeated again. That can be done by a mutual discussion. Share what bothers you. Set the boundaries and try not to repeat those mistakes again.


Be Open to Change

Killing your ego can make thing a lot easier for you. Stop playing the game of being defensive and offensive. Move on together with a mutual understanding. Be open to a positive change (both of you) for the long-term survival of your relationship.


Focus on the Good

Everyone has some good and bad traits. Instead of keep poisoning your mind with the negative qualities of your partner, focus on the good side of them. Think about everything that made you fall in love with them once. Just thinking would not be enough, you must express your feelings of gratitude by your actions. Letting them know that you still love them can make your love last the ages.


It’s the Little Things You Do!

Lack of time and communication are the biggest factors behind a dysfunctional relationship. How to fight for love with a decaying relationship? Get some time from your busy schedules to reconnect. Get intimate, have romantic dinners together, plan romantic trips to your favorite destinations. Utilize this ‘we time’ to get closer not just physically but mentally.


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