Life is not a bed of roses and bad boyfriends can make it harder to deal with. Whilst many girls find themselves in love with the wrong person at least once in their lives, and however common it may be, the pain is always individual and hits each of us as strong as the worst. Even though the first few months of your relationship with this ‘sweet’ guy may be all flowers and dreams, things may have start changing and the following signs of a bad boyfriend may have started to show. When this happens, no matter how far you both have come, you must know that the sooner you can save yourself, the better it is.

Pay Attention to These Signs of Bad Boyfriend


Unanswered Calls

It is understandable that when a person is at work, they will not answer your call or immediately call you back. In some cases, however, men are actually taking a little too long to text or call back, even when they are not busy, which shows their lack of interest.


Take You for Granted

There is nothing wrong with you being everything he wants, but then there must be rewards. Relationships work on mutual efforts, and if he just expects you to always do as he hopes, and fails to do the same for you, then beware because that may not end well.


Time Withdrawal

With the withdrawal of attention and love from his side, he has had an unexplained withdrawal of time, too. You do realize that he has time for everyone but you. Not only are you wasting your time waiting for him, but also your feelings.


Make-Out Sessions

Of course, sex is a great part of relationships, but then there must be a balance of physical attraction to emotional attraction. If all your dates are only make-out sessions, then this means that the man you are giving yourself to is interested only in your body – it’ s called lust, not love. Remember this one of obvious signs of a bad boyfriend. 


No Future Planning

Men and women alike, when they fall in love, they dream and make endless plans of marriage, kids, life together. However, if every time you bring up the topic of the future of your relationship, he changes the topic or seems hesitant, then you are wasting your present with him.


Secretive Acts

Bad boyfriends are famous for playing with a girl’s heart the way a kid plays with toys: uses them, leaves them when bored, and breaks them for no apparent reason. All of this is done with many secrets kept hidden from you, like the girls he meets up with or talks to, and when caught, he says they are colleagues.



Any person who tries to impose decisions on you cannot actually be in love with you, be it a friend or boyfriend. Bad boyfriends often manipulate and order their girlfriends to live a certain way that they want them to. Do not be ordered around, you’re not a property to be owned.


Friends With Ex

Remember, and I cannot emphasize this enough, being friends with ex-partners has an alarmingly high chance of getting into an unfair affair if you are with someone else. If your boyfriend often talks to or meets up with his ex, especially without a valid reason or without you around, then you should tell him to make a decision… ASAP.


Just Him

He is only doing the worst to the relationship if all he thinks and talks about is himself and his life. Acting like that gives a clear indicator that you do not matter much to him, and his life is all that matters. Such shallow behavior tops the list of signs of a bad boyfriend.


"You're Wrong"

If “every step that I take is another mistake to you” (the lyrics of Linkin Park’s song ‘Numb’) suit your situation right now, then your boyfriend is not doing justice to your relationship. Blaming you for all his shortcomings is not only a form of emotional abuse, but lower your self-esteem and self-love.



Is your boyfriend the only decision-maker in your relationship? Does he avoid any suggestions or wills you might have for any aspect? If this is the case, then it is demoralizing your right to have a life. Remember with mutual love comes mutual decision-making authority.


Threats and Hits

You cannot ignore the fact that you are a complete human being who no one has the right to abuse, especially not the person you love. Any boyfriend who hits a woman shows just how insecure and inferior at heart he is, that he has to threat or hit his girlfriend to boost his superiority.


Get Along Well

You two may get along well most of the time, but does he seem to ignore or avoid making any efforts to impress your family and friends? If yes, and if your family and friends are often worried about how he treats you, then you might want to re-consider if he’s right for you.


No Apologies

All relationships go through some bumpy roads, and that is no cause for alarm. However, when either partner refuses to own their mistake or prolong quarrel simply by making impotent excuses, then it means that his ego is larger than the love he has for you.


White Lies

Quite a few times, you have already caught him lying to you about things that did or didn’t really matter. This has already started to make you doubt everything he says now, and you find yourself questioning whether he means it when he says that he loves you. You cannot live with him without trusting him, so get it over with.


His Possession

While girls love being called ‘Mine’ by their boyfriends, there is a limit to everything. When his possessiveness turns into dangerously punishing jealousy, and you have to pay for even saying ‘Hi’ to an old friend, he is nowhere near being a good partner.



We all have some days where we don’t feel good for no reason at all, but if your boyfriend is constantly on a rollercoaster of moods that go from calm to boiling with anger in no time, for no genuine reason, it may be the fear that you will live with. With a boyfriend who has this one of signs of a bad boyfriend, don’t expect to find love or happiness.



There have been some hints recently which your sixth sense tells you must be taken note of. He's coming home late, staying on the phone at late hours especially when he goes into another room to receive a call, and such acts that make you wonder whether things are as he says or something very wrong is going on must be taken seriously.


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