While falling in love can be one of the greatest feelings, it can also be one of the most deceiving. When you are in love, you never consider the other person not sharing those same feelings, but unfortunately, sometimes love doesn't last. People change and feelings can change too. Guys aren't best at hiding the fact that their feelings have changed for you, but you may not be willing to see the signs he no longer loves you that he is giving. However, the sooner you accept the fact, the sooner you can begin to heal and move on to find someone who will love you truly.


He doesn't get back to you.

It takes him hours to reply to a text message. He ignores the phone when you call and doesn't even bother giving you a reason as to why he didn't respond. He just doesn't love you as much as he used to.


He doesn't try to hide checking someone else out.

You notice he eyeing up more women anytime you two go out and he isn't ashamed of doing it blatantly in front of you. He may even flirt a little with the waitress or store clerk without the second thought that you are there. This is a clear sign he's fallen out of love with you and that he is actually looking at the other options around him.


He doesn't want sex or even shows affection.

Men love sex and unless there is a health issue going on. If he isn't interested in having sex with you, then he isn't really interested in you anymore. It might not be the sex that drops off, if he is less affectionate with you, this can be a clear sign he doesn't love you. They won't be as generous with kissing, hugging or cuddling with you.


He won't discuss the future of your relationships.

You know you are ready to take the relationship to the next level, but he has no interest in taking part in this conversation. This can be one of the signs he no longer loves you. If he also tries to avoid making any big future plans with you, like taking a vacation together, it is also one sign.


There's no communication.

Not only is he not making an effort to respond to your calls or text, he doesn't seem to be all there when you have an actual conversation with him. If he seems o becomes more and more distant with you even when you see each other and doesn't make an effort to keep a conversation going, this can be a clear sign that his feelings have changed.


He's spending less time with you.

All of the sudden his schedule is filled with work, friends and other hobbies that interest him. He doesn't bother to make time for you anywhere in his schedule. Unfortunately, he doesn't care about you as much as he used to. If a guy cares about you, he will want to spend time with you and he would make it a priority.


He blames you for things.

Late for work. Your fault. His favorite shirt is dirty. Your fault. Ran out of milk. Yes, your fault again. If you have noticed your guy has been blaming you for every little thing, there's a good chance this is one of his ways of letting you know he doesn't care as much about you.


He criticizes you more.

Suddenly he points out every single flaw you have and some you never even realized before. He also begins comparing you more to other women and asks you right out why you can't be more like them. This is one of the signs he no longer loves you and you absolutely don't deserve that kind of treatment.


He's aggravated easily.

When men fall in love, they can more easily tolerate things, and make an effort to keep their temper in check when it comes to their partner. When a man no longer has these feelings toward the women he is seeing, he becomes less tolerant of her. He becomes irritated easily and can even become more aggressive.


He leaves you out of plans.

You use to go out on dates regularly, you would accompany him to work events, and you were always invited to family get together's and holidays. Now, he doesn't consider asking you to join him for anything, whether it's a friend birthday dinner or the office holiday party. If he leaves you out of plans, then he falls out of love with you.


He's not interested in your life.

He doesn't notice when you change your hair or the new outfit you bought, and seems to not consider doing anything he knows you like. If he used to be into everything you did before, but suddenly and slowly has begun to show little interest in your life, then he doesn't love. If he can't even be bothered to ask how your day was or even pretend to listen, it's time to leave him.


You haven't heard "I love you" in a while.

While guys might not say it every day, if you can't remember the last time your guy told you he loved you, he probably isn't feeling that way anymore. When your guy just stops saying this simple words to you, it's one of the clearest signs he no longer loves you.


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