In the modern world, men and women seem to have formed some stereotypical standards of beauty and of sexual appeal. For example, women think all men want big boobs, and men think that all women want bigger dicks, which are not usually the case. Men with smaller than average penis size often worry that this may portray that they are somehow less manly than others, but does penis size matter to women? The answers will amaze you: Mostly negative. It is only due to different forms of media that men and women alike are found feeling deprived due to certain set standards of what their bodies should be like.

Does Penis Size Really Matter?

According to studies about penis size with and without erection, this is what we deduct as the average sizes:

  • Length (without erection): 7 to 10 centimeters or 2.8 to 3.9 inches.

  • Length (with erection): 12 to 16 centimeters or 4.7 to 6.3 inches.

  • Circumference (without erection): 9 to 10 centimeters or 3.5 to 3.9 inches.

  • Circumference (with erection): 12 centimeters or 4.7 inches.

The above given information is only an average found, and if yours lies below the given measurements, it is nothing to be ashamed about! A study was carried out that showed that only 14 per cent of women wanted men with big dicks, while 2 per cent women actually wanted men with smaller dicks. The rest 84 per cent were indifferent to the sizes of penis, so does penis size matter? You must have got your answer after reading this. Most women do not care about the size of your penis, but it's your performance that matters in bed. 

Men who are ashamed if they have a smaller size, or those who have a bigger than average size, are in no way superior or inferior to another based on their penis size because that does not measure masculinity. Women who do want men with bigger penises are there but in a considerably less chance of running into you, so don't let your size get between you and your confidence. Make your time in bed pleasurable and interesting by focusing on overall intimacy instead of just sex. See the opinions of some women below to understand what women really want.

Let's See What Women Really Say About It


Colleen, 31

"Even though penis size is not everything in sexual intimacy, it does matter in terms of the circumference's width, not exactly the length."


Amber, 26

"I never thought about the question "does penis size matter" before I met a guy with an unbearably huge dick and it made sex very less pleasing."


Britni, 30

"A very big dick can hurt so bad! I don't like big dicks also because men with big dicks are overconfident about size, and give less performance."


Ruby, 28

"Well, unlike a lot of women, I prefer men with bigger penises, but that is only because of how my body is, and I find more pleasure with bigger penises."


Elisabeth, 22

"I believe that the even though sex is a bodily deed, it doesn't matter what sizes you are. Good sex happens when we feel good with each other."


Wren, 28

"Does penis size matter? For me, it is more about foreplay and oral sex than about penetration; and even when intercourse takes place, it is pleasing regardless of his size."


Avigail, 27

"Penis size is somehow effective in good sex, but it should be neither too small, nor too big. A perfect average scoop is what I like best."


Mel, 25

"According to my experience, I have met guys with big-sized penises, and they seem to be too boastful about their size! I haven't met guys with smaller ones, so can't say too much about them."


Lindsay, 33

"I have been with men of many sizes, even the really small ones, and they were just as good as any other when they know how to use it."


Jen, 29

"Size matters and it should only be enough to be felt. A penis that is too small for me to feel it going in can be difficult to enjoy."


Anonymous, 30

"It really depends on what I am in the mood for. If I am looking for fun and adventure, I want big! Otherwise, we can compromise."


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