The beginning is always filled with butterflies, passion, and excitement but then that perfect relationship comes to a mess end. While some guys get stuck on the memories of their past relationships, others dust themselves off and move on. Which one are you? If you're looking for some help mending from your last breakup, why not let music give you a little boost? These break up songs for guys will take you through all the mixed emotions of breaking up, helping you move on a little faster.


Roses, Outkast

When you find yourself doubting if your breakup was for the best, give this song a listen. Not only does it have a fun and funky beat, but also you'll be reassured that you're a better of without your ex.


I Want You, Elvis Costello

If your recent relationship ended because she cheated on you, this might be a good listen. While it won't necessarily make you feel better about the situation, it somehow can help you find some clarity of the situation.


Marvins Room, Drake

You've probably regretted drunk calling one of your ex's in the past and to avoid that mistake again, stop yourself and listen to this song by Drake. It might sober you up enough to put down your phone.


Fuck You, Cee Lo Green

What better way to forget about your ex than by simply saying forget it. This soulful song by Cee Lo Green was a huge hit in 2010 for good reason.


I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself, White Stripes.

This classic has been covered by a number of bands since its first release in 1962. Jack White, however, embodies the desperation behind the lyrics that will help you get over your heartache.


I Heard It Through the Grapevine. Marvin Gaye

Another great song to listen to if you have been cheated on is this classic, especially if you found out from someone else that your significant other has been cheating. The lyrics might make it really easy for you to relate to, which is why it is one of the best break up songs for guys.


The Scientist, Coldplay

This is one of the more sentimental songs on our list. With lyrics that will really make you rethink your relationships, this is one you'll want to listen to when you have some free time to really think about your last relationship.


I Don't Want to Get Over You, Magnetic Fields

In the whole album 69 Love Songs, this single is featured on a different spin on the typical love song. If you're looking for a song that will help you forget your ex, then this one might just do the trick, or at least it will get you thinking about something else temporarily.


Heartbreak Hotel, Elvis Presley

There is hardly a better song that can sum up the feelings of loneliness as this one by Elvis Presley does. It will at least want you to get up and practice your hip shakes.


Single, Everything But the Girl

Being newly single can be awkward and confusing. This song tries to make sense of that vulnerable period that occurs just after a breakup.


Train in Vain, The Clash

If you are down wallowing in the post break up pity, then this is the song you need to turn up. This is one of break up songs for guys that will have you up dancing and ready to move 


Somebody That I Used to Know, Gotye featuring Kimbra

There is so much to love about this song and the lyrics make it perfect for any stage in the post break up you may find yourself in. You will realize that they were just someone that you used to know.


Dammit, Blink 182

Let's face it, you're a guy. You don't really want to sit around listening to a bunch of sappy breakup songs. This one will make you feel more manly and help you rid of your recent heartbreak.


Hurt, Johnny Cash

There comes a point after a breakup, where you might not recognize yourself. When this occurs, you need a song that will bring you to your own reality and that's exactly what this one by Johnny Cash can do.


Song for the Dumped, Ben Folds Five

This song does one thing perfectly. It says all the things you have thought or wanted to say to your ex, but you will most likely never actually say.


What Goes Around, Justin Timberlake

Another one for those who have been cheated on. This one will remind you that in time, karma will give your ex exactly what she deserves.


Apologize, Timbaland featuring OneRepublic

When your ex crawls back and you want to give her a second chance, play this song before you do. While the words may say she's sorry, remember her actions that she can't apologize for.


50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Paul Simon

Officially released in 1975, this song by Paul Simon has a timeless feel which makes it a fun addition to our break up songs for guys list. It's a witty tune that will give you some tips on how to leave you lover for good.


What Hurts the Most, Rascal Flatts

Be honest; sometimes it's not always the other person's fault the relationship didn't work. It takes two to make and break a relationship and this song will remind you to say what you mean to say when you have the chance next time.


Princess of China, Coldplay featuring Rihanna

This is a hidden gem among the breakup song world. If you know that you are the one to blame for the break up, you might find some reassurance in this one.


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