While consuming a few pieces of chocolate a day can have health benefits, the effects are lost when you overindulge on the wrong types of chocolates. High-quality chocolate can be good in moderation. Ordinary chocolate you buy at the convenient store, however, is typically filled with saturated fats, sugars, caffeine, and unhealthy artificial flavoring. If you are consuming too much of the wrong chocolate, the benefits are being significantly outweighed. How to stop eating chocolate can be difficult, especially when you are used to having a bar or more every day. Luckily, we've compiled a few tips to help you curb your chocolate addiction.

Effective Ways to Stop Eating Chocolate


Increase your magnesium

Because chocolate contains a significant amount of magnesium, it can be a good idea to include a magnesium supplement when trying to kick your chocolate habit. Magnesium can also help relieve stress and improve you sleep which in turn can reduce your chocolate cravings over time.


Indulge in high-quality chocolate

Trying to deprive yourself of chocolate will most often result in even more overeating. Instead of overindulging in poor quality, spend a little on a better quality chocolate. Not only will this make you think twice about excessively eating a large quantity of chocolate, it will also cause you to slow down and actually enjoy what you are eating.


Schedule your chocolate eating time

Instead of letting your cravings control you, control your cravings by giving yourself a time when you will allow yourself to eat chocolate. By giving yourself permission to have some chocolate during the family movie night or after a weekend hike, you set yourself to be more successful at overcoming your chocolate intake.


Reduce temptation

The best way to stop eating chocolate is to limit the temptation you have with encountering it. Rid your home, car and office of any hidden chocolate stashes. Don't allow yourself or anyone else to bring chocolate into your home. Avoid any place that has chocolate displays or places where you can easily go to to purchase chocolate. How to stop eating chocolate may be a struggle, but it will be easier if you don't keep it in your home or in sight.


Eat healthy snacks

Keep carrot sticks, nuts, fruits or seeds close by so that you can reach for them instead of chocolate. Eating a healthier snack first can help reduce the cravings and may also fill you up enough where you don't even want the chocolate anymore.


Keep yourself busy

Most often we tend to reach for another piece of chocolate out of boredom. When you keep yourself busy, you will help keep your mind off the chocolate after work or in the evening. Go for a walk, read a book, or put on some music to help you pass the time until the cravings subside.


Know what triggers your chocolate cravings

Become aware of the times you tend to consume more chocolate than usually. How do you feel? What time of day is it? What activity are you doing? By becoming aware of what your chocolate triggers are, you can begin to work around those triggers and ultimately avoid them altogether.


Eat a balanced diet

How to stop eating chocolate can start by eating healthy balanced meals. Many people who have numerous chocolate cravings tend to crave chocolate because their body is not getting enough of specific vitamins or minerals. Spread out 4 to 5 meals throughout your day that composed of fresh foods. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean meats with each meal.


Exercise regularly

When you feel a chocolate craving coming on, go for a jog. Exercising can be the best way to fight off your cravings while also helping reduce your chocolate cravings in the future. Partaking in physical activity can help reduce stress, anxiety and even depression which are all common triggers for chocolate cravings.


Go to sleep

Do you find yourself binging on your favorite TV show while mindlessly eating chocolate? Instead of turning on the TV, turn off the lights and get some sleep. If you find it difficult to sleep and are craving a piece of chocolate, reach for a banana instead to help ease your mind to bed.


Reach for some water

Most often people confuse hunger and food cravings with that of being thirsty. When you find yourself craving chocolate or any other sweets, reach for a cold glass of water. Sip on it for about ten minutes to see whether the cravings pass or not.


Consult a nutritionist

If you have been trying to kick your chocolate habit without success, it might be time to call on the help of a nutritionist. Not only will they be able to give you ways for how to stop eating chocolate, they will give you healthy alternative and suggestion for how to use up the extra energy you will be reward with when you start eating right.


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