White bumps on side of tongue or on the top and bottom of the tongue are round in shape and very small in size. They are related to inflamed taste buds or fungiform papillae. If we eat something too sour or hot, our taste buds get perforated, which leads to infections and discomfort of the tongue. Though these white bumps on tongue do not last for long and they can disappear in 7-10 days on their own, there are cures and solutions that can speed up the healing process. 

What Are the Causes of White Bumps on the Sides of Your Tongue?

White bumps on side of the tongue can occur due to many reasons. The causes are as follows:

Tongue Trauma

The inflamed tongue can be caused by tongue trauma, such as biting the tongue, consuming something very sizzling and piquant. At times, trauma can be due to teeth clenching or grinding. It heals on its own after a day or so. It may appear again after triggering episode of tongue trauma.


Inappropriate Fixture of Dentures

If the adjustment of these dentures is inappropriate, they start rubbing against the tongue and cause cuts and white bumps on side of tongue. It may cause soreness and discomfort until these bumps are healed. Consult your dentist for making the required modification to the ill-fitted dentures.


Oral Lichen Planus

It is an inflammatory condition that causes white patches on the lining of the mouth including the tongue. Medically it is referred to as a term “oral lichen planus”. At times, white bumps on side of your tongue and inner side of cheek and on gums appear. It tends to fix on its own but severe conditions must be treated medically. Ensure good oral hygiene, such as timely brushing and flossing and stopping taking spicy and acidic food & beverages.


Candida Fungus

Candida fungus infects the mouth because of an imbalance of bacteria in your body and it can cause a fungal infection called “oral thrush”. The symptoms of oral thrush is the white raised lesions on the sides of the tongue, the roof of the mouth or gums and even on the inner cheek. 

Oral thrush can be prevented by having good oral hygiene and limiting the use of sugar-rich food. Antifungal drugs are a good treatment for oral thrush.


Other Causes

White bumps on side of tongue, on the top and under the tongue can also be caused by cankers sores, oral herpes and nutritional deficiency, etc. Besides, smoking and chewing tobacco can make one more susceptible to oral cancer. Therefore, quitting smoking or chewing tobacco immediately as it is very harmful for health. If these bumps do not heal quickly, consult your healthcare provider for rapid recovery.

How to Get Rid of White Bumps on the Side of Your Tongue

Few of the white bumps on the tongue are medically treated, they usually go away at their own. Cures and solutions for the rapid recovery from these white bumps and inflammation are as follows:

Gargle with a Saline Solution

Saline solution has some antibacterial properties which help to kill germ and other micro-organisms that cause white bumps on side of tongue. Rinsing of mouth with this warm saltwater provides instant relief to the swollen and painful bumps.

  • Make a saline solution by dissolving 1 table spoon of sea salt in a glass of warm water.

  • Gargle for 30 seconds with a mouthful of salt water and then gently spit out. 

  • To remove debris from your mouth, gargle with saline solution after every meal daily until your conditions improve.


Ensure Good Oral Hygiene

Clean your teeth and tongue with soft bristle brush and floss regularly to prevent white bumps from contracting an infection. Use tongue scraper to clean the debris that accumulates on the tongue.


Avoid Acidic Foods and Beverages

Stop eating foods that trigger irritation or pain if you want to heal white bumps on tongue quickly. Avoid acidic foods and drinks, like tomatoes, citric fruits, coffee and soda, chili powder, pepper, cinnamon or mint, eggs, shellfish and wheat. It is also advisable to quit smoking and drinking alcohol when you try to heal your tongue rapidly.


Take Light Foods

Intake of cold drinks and soft foods can help reduce the inflammation and other discomforts along with tongue bumps. 

Consuming soothing foods like Ice-cream, yogurt, milk and soft drinks, which are better for healing bumps than having snacks, chips, crispy and other hot foods and drinks.


Put Ice Chips on the Tongue

The ice chips can soothe pain and swelling of the bumps naturally. It numbs the tongue temporarily and moisturizes the mouth too. It can be done by simply placing ice chips on tongue and letting it melt instead sucking because it may hurt white bumps.


Masticate Mint Leaves

Mint leaves have inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties that can help relieve the pain as well as preventing bumps from infections. It is effective to heal bumps, so just chew some mint leaves before going to bed.


Use Preventive Products

Numerous over the counter antiseptic products, like Oral base or Zilactin, can help stop inflammation and speed up the healing process without exposing them to infection.

Mouthwash containing benzydamine or chlorhexidine can also be used to prevent bacterial infections and relieve pain. They can be used without the doctor's prescription. Use these products as per the instructions given.


Take Medical Help

White bumps on the tongue that are caused by serious underlying conditions may not heal within 7-10 days even you have tried the treatments above. You need to get medical help from your doctor. Get blood test and oral culture test in case of excessive pain or bleeding. Some white bumps like canker do not heal without medical advice.


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