Menstrual cycle starts between the age of 8 and 16, which is a normal process in the life of every girl. During this period, a woman’s body removes tissues and blood that have accumulated on the walls of the uterus. The session takes three to seven days and it occurs once in every month until menopause stage where the menstrual cycle stops. Menstrual bleeding is so annoying that lot of women worry about a question “is swimming during periods good?” If swimming is your regular exercise, this article will answer your question and explain more about it for you.

Can You Go Swimming During Periods?


The answer of this question is yes. Women can still go swimming during their menstrual cycle and the period cannot be a challenge. Enjoyment at the beach with friends cannot be prevented by the menstrual cycle. In fact, it is good to do exercise during menstrual cycle, as it reduces cramps and improves your mood. Therefore swimming during menstrual cycle is a safe activity when the following steps are observed.

What Should You Do When Swimming During Your Period?


Insertion of a Menstruation Cup or a Tampon

It is advisable to use a menstrual cup or a tampon before swimming. This will prevent any flow of tissue and blood into the pool. The tampon expands and appropriately fits the section of the body. After tucking the wings into your bikini bottom, you are good to go swimming. Menstrual cups are inserted into the virginal part purposely to collect the gushing blood. The cups are more efficient than tampon since they can last for up to ten hours, they are invisible and no escape of blood hence safer compared to the tampon.


Extra Supplies

You may need extra supplies in case the duration of swimming are extended for a little longer. Take a few more supplies in case you or your friends need to make a few changes. A tampon should be changed at an interval of 3 or 4 hours especially if you are in a heavy flow, while menstrual cup can last for about 10 to 12 hours. Women need not to worry when menstrual cups are in use but it is better to bring an extra one, just in case.


Ignorance of Myths

Ignore some myths about swimming during menstrual cycle because there are lots of lies and rumors. Don’t listen to anyone who tells that swimming during periods is unhealthy or even insecure as menstrual blood will attract sharks if you swim in the ocean and a tampon can absorb a lot of water when swimming. These statements are not true, so you are free to swim with your period.


Swimming Without Worry

When you swim, don’t worry too much to check your rear every few minutes. If you really feel worried, go to the bathroom and have a check. You can ask a close girlfriend to remind you if she finds any problems.


Protect Yourself from Bloating and Cramps

Though it is not absolute sure that a person can feel perfectly normal during her menstrual cycle, there are a few things that can be done to avoid bloating and cramps during swimming. Avoid unhealthy foods, such as fried and salty foods and foods with caffeine. When in pain, Motrin or other pain relief medication is recommended for pain relief. Or what you can do is to forget the pain and get in the water to enjoy swimming.


Wear Shorts in Dark-Color

It is advisable to wear shorts to provide some protection as well as making your mind comfortable. Dark-colored shorts are encouraged, as they look great and will not draw any attention from others.


Remove the Pad and Tampon When You Get out of the Water

When swimming during periods, you need to remove the pad or tampon once out of water because the water would fill the tampon or pad hence reducing the rate of blood absorption. You should put a new pad or tampon immediately before getting back to the pool or ocean.


Choose Sunbathing

Sunbathing is an alternative for those who are not comfortable to swim during the period. When you are not feeling well or are not confident to get in the water with your period, just back out gracefully. You can just sit at the edge of the pool and put your legs in to enjoy the sunshine.



Some women experience severe cramps at the lower section of the stomach during their period, which are extremely painful. Though doing exercise helps to reduce pain, when cramps are too adverse to cause you to double over in pain, lose your breath, swimming should be avoided. If you still want to go swimming with such kind of pain, an adult should be nearby to oversee.


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