When you are feeling a little ill or not like yourself, the first thing many do is to type their symptoms into a Google search, which in return typically leads to them believing they have some form of cancer. Chances are, however, you don't have cancer, or Lyme disease or any other terrifying, life-threatening conditions. In most cases what you read about online that suggests you have poor health can, in reality, signify a complete healthy aliment. If you have been worried about an unusual symptom, your body might actually be giving you signs you're healthy. And if you exhibit any of these signs below, there's a good chance you are much healthier than you think.

Signs That Show You're Actually Healthy


Your wounds heal quickly.

Wounds that heal quickly indicate that your white blood cells are healthy and doing their job of removing bacteria from your wounds well. Small scrapes or cuts that heal quickly show that your blood is clotting at a rate it is supposed to.


Your nails and hair are strong and healthy.

One of the first places that vitamin deficiencies show up is through your hair and nails. If your hair falls out in clumps or you notice your nails are weak or forming irregularly, then you could be lacking a vital vitamin that is keeping you from being healthy.


Adequate sleep.

Your body can rejuvenate after resting from the daily activities with the proper amount of sleep. If you find yourself waking frequently throughout the evening or waking up not feeling refreshed, then you may have a chemical imbalance that needs to be addressed.


Clear skin.

Considering that your skin is the largest organ of the body, any skin issue is typically a clear indication of a hidden health issue. If you suffer from acne, psoriasis, or eczema, then your body might not be getting rid of the toxins properly.


Healthy food cravings.

When you eat clean, your body will crave more healthy foods than junk foods. If you find yourself constantly craving processed foods or foods that lack any nutritional value, then there's a good chance you aren't that healthy.


Pain-free regular menstrual cycle.

Hey girls, if you know when you are about to get your period each month and they are relatively pain-free, this is one of the good signs you're healthy. If you periods tend to last longer than normal or you have excessive bleeding or pain, there could be something wrong with your reproductive system that you will want to get checked out.


Healthy sex drive.

Being sexually active provides a number of healthy benefits to the body. If you notice a drop in you sexual drive that lasts a long period of time, it can indicate a hormonal imbalance or an emotional issue. Men who suffer from erectile dysfunction may be exhibiting one of the early signs of heart disease.


Exercise energizes you.

Yes, exercising can be difficult and while your muscles should feel fatigued, you should not. Exercise allows your body to break down any glycogen that is stored in the liver while also releasing the feel-good endorphins that will put you in a happier state. If you find yourself having to quit your workout because you lack the energy and not because your muscles are tired, then this can be an indication that there is some more seriously wrong with your healthy.


Clear urine.

Keeping your body well hydrating is vital for maintaining a healthy body. If your pee is a pale yellow and not cloudy or dark, it means you hydrating enough throughout the day. If your urine is colorless, however, you may be hydrating too much which can lead to a loss in salt or electrolytes.


Regular bowel movement.

A clear indication that your digestive system is functioning properly is that you poop regularly. While the actual shape, size, and color can vary from person to person, as long as you do not notice any blood in your stool or that it is painful to pass or loose, then you're probably healthy.


Easily maintain a healthy weight.

One of the signs you're healthy is being able to maintain a healthy weight without going through any crash diets. If you struggle with your weight and it constantly fluctuates, this can be a concern you want to address with your doctor. Normal weight will be different for everyone but as long as you are not obese or severely underweight, then you're healthy.


Your body is flexible.

As long as your joints aren't stiff and your muscles can move freely, you can consider yourself healthy. People who are stiff and inflexible tend to have more injuries and suffer from spinal misalignment.


You burp.

Strange? If you burp, it's a good sign that your digestive system is performing its function of keeping excess gas from building up in the stomach. 


You yawn.

Yawning isn't always a sign that you're bored. Yawning helps stimulate neural movement while also regulating the temperature and metabolism in the brain.


You blush.

While blushing may not be a healthy sign that your body's healthy, it could indicate healthy relationships. People who blush tend to be viewed as more trustworthy and friendly.


You sweat.

Sweating excessively can be embarrassing but also shows a good sign of a strong heart. Sweating helps enhance cardiovascular functioning during exercises and also keeps the body cool while burning more calories.


Your stomach growls.

Typically when you hear someone's stomach growl, you assume they are hungry or feeling ill. Well, a growling stomach is actually a sign of a healthy digestive track.


You fart.

It may happen at some awkward times, but passing gas is a good indication that your stomach is converting undigested foods into useful nutrients. Passing gas up to 18 times a day is considered one of the signs you're healthy. But if too much, it may be something wrong. 


You sneeze.

Sneezing regularly throughout the day indicates that the nose is doing its job of trapping unwanted particles. Once these particles have built up, sneezing is the body's way of getting rid of them.


You cry.

Crying isn't just a sign that someone is sad or upset. Tears help wash irritants out of the eyes along with other bacteria that could possibly leave you blind.


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