Waxing helps get rid of unwanted hair, which leaves your skin soft and beautiful. But, sometimes you have to pay a price to this beauty in the form of red bumps after waxing. The rash may last for hours, and may be days in some cases, especially when you have sensitive skin. You develop these bumps because of a condition called folliculitis, in which the hair follicles become inflamed. These bumps look quite unsightly, but you can try some ways to make them less prominent. Let's find out more about it.

How to Get Rid of Red Bump After Waxing

It is true that red bumps after waxing look quite unsightly and can even cause discomfort, but you do not have to bear with it and hope for it to go away quickly. You can take steps and try certain tricks to reduce skin irritation and prevent it from happening again. Here is what you need to know in this regard.

Exfoliate Your Skin Gently

Before you start waxing your skin, you should exfoliate the area first. Exfoliate lightly using a soft washcloth, as it helps get rid of dead skin cells and oil. You can use salicylic acid – it helps exfoliate your skin gently without over drying.


Wash Your Skin Gently

You need to ensure that you wash your skin gently after waxing. Never use any abrasive body scrub while washing. You should also stay away from chemical-based body soaps, as they can aggravate your skin condition.


Take a Warm Shower

You should take a warm shower after waxing. Continue to take a warm shower once a day for the next 3-4 days. This leaves a comforting effect on your skin and reduces inflammation at the same time. Ensure that the water is just warm and not too hot or you may end up burning your skin.


Make Use of Sunscreen

You need to protect your skin from harmful sun rays, and wearing a sunscreen lotion would help a lot. Your waxed skin becomes more sensitive to sunlight, so you need to take steps to protect it.


Wear Loose Clothing

You should keep in mind that tight clothing and panty line can aggravate your skin condition and make your sensitive skin to break out. Apply some hydrocortisone cream to the affected area and wear loose clothing to protect your skin.


Use a Cold Compress

You can always use some ice to treat red bumps after waxing. Not only will it help treat redness, it will also help relieve the irritation and discomfort. Simply take an ice cube and wrap it in a washcloth. Apply the cloth directly to the affected area and leave it there for 15 minutes or so. You can simply use cold water to feel better.


Try Aloe Vera Gel for Relief

Aloe Vera gel helps reduce inflammation and redness. It also moisturizes your skin and lightens the effect of red bumps in no time. You can find aloe Vera in gel form in the market or get some gel out of fresh aloe vera plan. Apply it directly to the affected area and leave it there for some time. Repeat 5 times a day for good results.


Utilize Tea Tree Oil

You can use tea tree oil to treat red bumps and to prevent fungal infections. Tea tree oil has anti-inflammatory, antifungal and antibacterial properties, which make it effective against acne, sore throat, dandruff, ringworms, and other infections. Just take some tea tree oil and apply it directly to the affected area before going to bed at night.


Apply Some Vitamin-E Oil

It works amazingly well to treat your irritated skin. It triggers healing and reduces redness quickly. You should apply vitamin-E oil thrice a day for relief. Continue using it for a few days to notice results.


Other Tips

It is important to protect your irritated skin from heat because heat can cause serious damage when your skin is already very sensitive. Massaging the affected area is another good way to promote healing. Moreover, you should resist the temptation to scratch the area – use an ointment to prevent itching but stay away from scratching the surface or you may end up dealing with an infection. And of course, you should never think of picking at red bumps after waxing.

How to Avoid Red Bumps When Waxing

There certainly are ways to treat red rash and bumps after waxing, but you can also take certain steps to avoid getting those bumps in the first place. Here is what you can do:

Use Right Ingredients to Prepare Your Skin

Never use any type of physical or chemical exfoliating ingredient before you wax your skin. Ingredients like beta hydroxy aids, alpha hydroxy acids can make your skin become very thin, and waxing in this case is only going to make matters worse.


Be Sure to Hydrate Your Skin

Just like shaving, you need to pay attention to hydrate your skin before waxing. If your skin is properly moisturized, you are less likely to deal with red bumps, rash and other problems after waxing.


Check Your Temperature

You need to be very careful when it comes to determining the right temperature of wax. There are cases where people have sustained second-degree burns from waxing. If it is too hot, it can immediately damage people with a paler skin tone. There may be brown patches if you use hot wax on darker skin. It is therefore better to do a test patch first.


Select the Right Type of Wax

You now have several wax types to choose from, which is the reason why you should do your research and make the right decision. It is better to avoid those honey and softer waxes that have the tendency to rip off the surrounding skin along with your hair. This would result in a wound.


Take Care of Ingrown Hairs

One reason why you have to deal with red bumps after waxing is that you do not take the right care of ingrown hairs. You have this issue when hair grows back and stays trapped underneath your skin. That hair can get inflamed and cause pain and redness. Take steps to avoid it.


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