Our daily lives consume and affect our health in many ways and it becomes difficult to maintain our health, but if you make a nutritious diet plan and exercise regularly, you can improve your health, as well as your looks. Since when your body functions properly, it shows through physical factors such as your body shape, skin and hair. So keep yourself healthy inside out by not only following these tips on how to stay fit and healthy, but also have a positive attitude towards your lifestyle.

Best Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy


Move It

According to various research studies, it has been evaluated that people who are physically active for at least 7 hours a week are more likely to live longer. People who are often just lying down and sitting all day tend to be lazy and unhealthy; therefore, they are at a higher risk of heart diseases and escalated blood pressure.


Quit Bad Habits

You may be poisoning yourself a little every day with bad habits like smoking and other unhealthy routines that we very commonly do. Too much television, too little sleep, drinking, and so on go on the list of everyday bad habits. Even caffeine isn’t too good for you, unless taken in moderation. So know what’s bad, and leave it behind.


Go to the Clinic

A weekly or even monthly visit to your doctor can save you a lot of worry. In addition to keeping track of your body’s condition, you can also take action immediately when required according to your health state. If going to the doctor regularly isn’t an option for you, try doing self-exams for breast lumps or testicular lumps so if or when something is wrong, you can save your life sooner.


Have a Good Night

Our bodies do not repair and refresh themselves when we are awake and active. The night time is very important in this list of how to stay fit and healthy because you may be following all the rules but if you’re not sleeping enough, you’re not doing any good. Your health will deteriorate with bad sleeping patterns which will affect your metabolism, hormones, and overall bodily functions.


Eat Healthily

Nothing feels better than eating something delicious, but if that food is healthy as well, then it’s the perfect package. A nutritious diet has fruits, vegetables, lean meat, and unprocessed foods. Fish and poultry are also great sources of protein. However, do not eat too much of anything and avoid foods that have artificial sweeteners and more fats.


Don’t Skip Breakfast

Think of breakfast as your battery, and lunch and dinner as batter re-fills. You can’t function properly unless you’re charged. Many people skip breakfast, but they are actually skipping a lot of health benefits of breakfast like balanced blood sugar levels. Eating breakfast also helps in maintaining a healthy weight because then, you won’t need a lot for lunch and dinner.


Drink, Drink, Drink!

Drinking eight glasses of 8 oz. water is the major step in the stairway to health and fitness. There are important roles that water plays in the maintenance of our health: it keeps us hydrated, it purifies our organs by cleansing out the toxins from our system through sweat and urine, and more importantly, it keeps our brain working properly.


Manage Stresses

It is understandable that life isn’t easy for any of us, and that we all have problems that cause us to stress, but the problems that root for stress are too many and can cost us our health. So for answering how to stay fit and healthy, you should indulge in activities that relax you, like meditation, sight-seeing and travelling. Also, manage your workload into a distribution that allows you to breathe a little.


Plan Your Life

It is obvious that things are more manageable when you have a plan. In our hectic schedules of work and life, setting a plan can form a routine for us that will not only allow us to do all our tasks, but will also let us take some time out for extra activities. An exercise routine is also included in this plan, which will make your work more effective.


Try Something New

Our brain and body, both are designed with the capability to learn and adapt. The more we train our minds, the faster it works. The more skills we introduce to ourselves, the wider our brain and body’s capability range will span. Trying new things like boxing, rock climbing and yoga can give you mental peace and an escape from everyday life.


Stay Away from Fast Foods

A once-in-a-fortnight dinner at a fast food restaurant is all right, but eating fast food makes you want more fast food more often, which is the opposite for why you are here. Being fit requires some compromises, and one of those sacrifices is that you must make a series of your favorite home-made meals so that you can eliminate fast foods from your diet.


Pay Attention to Your Mouth

We may be conscious of what we eat, but we usually ignore the fact that no matter how hygienic your food is, if your mouth isn’t healthy and bacteria-free, you are lacking a little in your efforts to stay fit and healthy. Serious health problems like infertility and dementia are found to be caused by the bacteria in unhealthy teeth and gums.


Keep a Balanced Lifestyle

We all know that work and home are the busiest places ever, and for most of us, these are the only places we ever are. To achieve something in this journey of how to stay fit and healthy, you must find balance between work and life, home and office, eating and working out, entertainment and sleep. Otherwise, you might be wasting your health if you’re always too busy.


Watch Your Company

The group of friends or colleagues that we sit in or hang out with can determine many parts of our personalities. One of those parts is our eating habit. A group that drinks a lot will most likely take you on a life-long journey of over drinking. And friends who are concerned about their diets will have a positive impact on you, too.


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