How to stay awake at night may be a question that many people are wondering especially those who want to have fun or cram for an exam throughout the night. Staying awake at night requires early preparations, stimulation of the body and mind and proper diet, etc. Follow these steps below that can help you stay awake all night.

How to Stay Up All Night


Take a Snap

It is important to sleep for a while in the afternoon if you know you will stay awake during the night. 

  • When sleeping during the day, you should ensure that your nap time is not too close to your regular sleeping time at night. Perhaps 6 or 7 hours early.

  • It is best to take a half hour nap, as sleeping for long can make you get into a deep slumber. 

  • However, if you have stayed up for a couple of days, take a nap for at least an hour or two during the day will help solve your question – how to stay awake at night.


Have a Drink with Caffeine

Drinks with caffeine are useful to boost your energy to get through the night. The benefit of coffee is that it only takes less than 30 minutes to kick in but its effects can last 4 hours. If you want to keep pretty energized and awake all the night, drink a cup of coffee every few hours or you will crash. If you don't like drinking coffee, try to drink cold water which can also keep you awake.


Keep a Cool Environment

Normally, you will get sleepy in a warm temperature, so if you want to stay awake during the night, you should keep your environment cool. You can use a fan to make the room cold or take a shower with cold water. Cold compresses to your body can also be ideal if the room is too hot.


Switch to Different Activities

Doing the same activity for a long period can be boring and this can make you fall asleep. In case you feel drowsy, switch to something different that needs your high concentration. Switching to different activities is an efficient way on how to stay awake at night.


Take a Healthy Snack

When you have low blood sugar, there is a high chance that you feel tired and sleepy. Therefore, in order to stay awake all night, take some healthy snacks to re-energize your body. Some of the foods that you can eat include yogurt, healthy carbohydrates and fruits, etc. Avoid eating sugary snacks as they can boost your energy immediately but wear off quickly. 


Keep the Lights Bright

Keeping the light bright if you want to stay up through the night. Bright light stimulates your eyes and makes your biological clock slow down. Bright lights hitting your receptors will delay your circadian rhythm and let your biological clock restart later and later. However, continued practice of this can affect your sleeping schedule.


Make Your Body Active

The stimulation of the body can be done through several tricks. Stimulation of the body makes it remain active and you will not easily fall into sleep. 

  • Stretching your body parts, such as forearms, calves and wrists,  will make you active and relaxed.

  • You can also circle your head and roll your shoulders.

  • Massage your hands.

  • Tap the feet on the floor.

  • Chew gum to keep your mouth active.

  • Pinch yourself if you really feel sleepy.

The idea of stimulating your body is useful to answer the question on how to stay awake at night as it keeps your body active.


Other Ways to Help You

Several other ways can assist you to stay up during the night. 

  • First, proper eating during the day is critical. Balanced diets provide the body with energy while unhealthy foods will make you feel fatigued easily.

  • Secondly, get some sunlight during the day. The light from the sun has an effect on the circadian rhythms, which govern the sleep-wake cycles in humans. Spending some time under the sun lights helps in body revitalization.

  • Thirdly, listen to some good and loud music. Listening to music helps you stay awake by awakening your hearing senses.

  • Lastly, you can try singing or reciting some poem. It will help your mind be active to avoid getting sleepy.

These ways demonstrate how to stay awake at night by actively involving your entire body.


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