Melanin is a pigment found in human skin and hair that makes them dark or light depending on how much of it a person has. More melanin does not only make your skin tan, but it also protects you from harmful Ultra-Violet rays of the Sun. If you’re an already dark-skinned girl, you have a lot of melanin under that beautiful, glowing skin. But, if you’re a fair-skinned girl hoping to change your look with a bronze skin tone without using artificial bronzers or tan sprays, then you may ask how to produce more melanin. Read on below to find out the answer and achieve a warm complexion.

Ways to Produce More Melanin

Your diet plays a great role in the tone, health, and look of your skin. Other than food, exposure to Ultra Violet rays through sunbaths, and tanning beds are also great alternatives because they are also basically boosting your melanin production by extra heating.

Give Your Skin the Right Fuel

The most essential vitamins for a naturally tanned skin are vitamins A, C, D and E. These vitamins, along with a balanced twice-in-a-week fish diet that has Omega 3 fatty acids, encourage more production of melanin which increases skin moisture and darkens it in a good way. A lack of these vitamins and minerals might decrease your skin's lustre and moisture. The foods listed below are the best recommended resources.

  • Carrot. Being a good source of beta-carotene, which is a form of vitamin A, carrot is also a healthy vegetable good for not only the stomach, but also in boosting production of the melanin found in your skin. It even encourages improvement of the retinal pigment, and allows the cells under our skin to be healthy.

  • Tomato. When considering how to produce more melanin, you can also try this fruit. Did you know? This also has large stores of beta-carotene just like carrots do, and therefore has a similar effect on our skin. It is also good to our eye-sight.

  • Melon. This fruit has strong qualities for our skin in various ways. It has vitamin A and E, both drivers of an increase in melanin production, but it does more than just that… it also helps your skin stay younger. It fights premature aging and prolongs skin elasticity.

  • Egg Yolk. Eggs are an all-time favorite home remedy for all beauty problems, and yet here we bring you another one of its miracles! Even though egg whites carry a significant amount of vitamins, the egg yolk is a major source of vitamin E, which, as mentioned before, is a way to get a warmer complexion.

  • Dairy. Brown women often believe in the myth of getting a fair skin if they drink milk and eat yogurt regularly, but recent researches prove the opposite. As surprising as it may seem, the milky white dairy products are actually a catalyst to your melanin production as they are a great source of vitamin A and amino acids.

  • Fish. Enough with all the vitamin A and vitamin E this list has provided, let’s eat some vitamin D now. Who doesn’t love that friendly, inviting fish? Fish are packed with vitamins D and E, which are great care-takers of our skin. The recommended dosage of fish is twice a week, since it is usually fatty.


Get Sunlight

Your diet can boost your melanin production internally, but exposure to sun is a great way to increase production of melanin from outside. Beware, though, too much sun exposure has many adverse effects that can damage your skin and cause premature ageing. Don’t go out in the sun around 1 PM to 3 PM. The right way is to take nice, relaxing sunbaths while wearing sunblock.


The Magic Bed

In case you are wondering, a tanning bed is what I am referring to. This is the easiest way in all ways when considering how to produce more melanin. What you should be careful of is don’t rush into it. It is necessary that you take this method after consulting a doctor or expert. Every person's skin is different and hence, reacts differently towards tanning bed. 



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