Sweaty palms, dry mouth, heart pounding in your chest? These are all signs that you are feeling nervous. While it is completely natural to feel nervous when you are facing any difficult or fear, if you find yourself paralyzed by your nervousness you'll want to know how to not be nervous. Fighting off nervousness can be a challenge, but there are some effective techniques you can utilize to help combat these feelings.

Tips to Stop Being Nervous Quickly


Be enthusiastic

Instead of focusing on how nervous you are, transform your nervousness into enthusiasm. You want to reduce your nerves and jitters by pumping up your excitement. Drink an energy, pour yourself a cup of coffee or simply crank up your favorite song and dance around a bit. This will give your nerves an energy boost.



Positive visualization is an effective way to overcome your nervousness. Imagine the situation that is making your nervous having a positive outcome. Instead of thinking how terrible you are going to be while giving a speech or having an interview, imagine how successful you are going to be. This simple technique can help you not only visualize a more positive outcome, it will most likely result in the outcome you are visualizing.


Control your breath

Being nervous makes your muscles become tense, which can result in you holding your breath, making your body even tenser. When you find yourself getting nervous, remember to take a few deep breaths. Inhaling and exhaling slowing will help you relax and ward off your nervous feelings.



How to not be nervous? Just smile! When you smile, you release endorphins or the feel good chemicals in the brain. These endorphins can help replace the anxiety you are feeling in any situation. Smile not only makes you feel better, it gives the impression to others that you are confident and calm. Even if you are still feeling nervous, smiling will help you fake not being nervous until you actually feel less nervous.


Adjust your body language

When you stand up, be confidence and it can instantly make you feel less nervous. Physically portraying and air of confidence will lead your mind to believe you are more confidence as well. Stand tall with your head up and you will combat your nerves quickly.


Drink some water

To help combat the dry mouth that comes along with being nervous, you'll want to have some water on hand. Holding onto to a bottle of water when you are in a situation that makes you nervous can also provide a sense of security because you have something to grasp in your hands.


Ask yourself the right questions

When your nerves start to get the best of you, it is beneficial to take a moment to pause and ask yourself three vital question. What is it that you are really afraid of? What is the worst that can happen in this situation? And if the worst case scenario did occur, would it mean the end of the world? Asking yourself these question will allow you to look at the situation with a new perspective. Try to see what lesson you can gain from the situation and come to a better understanding of what is really making you nervous.


Use your memories

Do you remember a time where you felt really confident or powerful? You'll want to keep this memory fresh when you start to feel nervous. Remembering a time when you accomplished something great that you had wanted to accomplish is one of the best ways to help you out when you find yourself asking how to not be nervous in a present situation.


Use a mantra

While it may feel silly, repeating a phrase of encouragement to yourself is one of the best ways to relax your nerves. Using positive words will help bring about positive feelings. Find a mantra that will make you feel calm such as “I do not feel nervous, instead I feel at peace.” Repeat or chant the mantra to yourself a few times until you feel yourself beginning to relax and your nerves begin to fade away.


Go for a walk

If you want to escape the nerve-wracking situation, then taking a quick walk can help reduce your anxiety. Like smiling, walking can help release the feel good endorphins, giving you an immediate mood lift. Get outside and just walk for ten minutes and see what a difference it will make.



One way you can help get your nervous feelings out of your head is writing them down. When you write about what you are feeling, you can release the nervous tension and anxiety you have pent up inside. Take a few minutes to sit in a quiet place to simply write what you are feeling.


Massage your temples

When you are nervous, take a pause to sit and massage your temples. Close your eyes and use your fingers to massage the temples in a circular motion. This will help relieve your anxiety and give you a moment to take a few deep breaths to calm your nerves.


Don't fight it

Trying to fight against your nervousness can increase the anxiety and stress you feel. Instead of focusing on how nervous you are and if everyone else is going to notice your condition, remember that being nervous is not always a bad thing. How to not be nervous means accepting the situation where you are but taking control of your nerves instead of letting them take control of you.


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