A man's erection is more than just for pleasure, in a sense, it is a symbol of his masculinity. As men age, it is not uncommon for it to become more difficult to maintain an erection, but that doesn't make any easier to accept. Whether you are having trouble keeping your erection hard due to getting old, or just want to learn how to improve erection hardness, this article will give you some tricks to use that will help you perform better in the bedroom.


Eat Better

Filling up on foods that are hard to digest or foods that can have a negative impact on your heart healthy will affect your erection. Eat a diet that consists of healthy fats, fresh foods that are low in cholesterol and be cautious when taking any supplements. The more heart healthy foods you consume, the better your erection will be.


Find the Right Position

When it comes to maintaining your erection, you want to keep the blood flowing easily to the penis. Use gravity to your advantage by standing or being on top. This will increase the blood flow and maximize your erection.


Take Care of Your Teeth

Not many people are aware of the fact that gum disease is often linked to hidden heart problems, which means that your body isn't getting the proper blood flow necessary to maintain an erection. If you want to improve your performance in the bedroom, be sure to brush and floss your teeth every day, and keep an eye on your oral health. 


Exercise Regularly

How to improve erection hardness? Keep yourself physically fit to stay harder for longer. Keeping your body in shape will not only keep you physically fit but will help you look bigger. If you have a bit of a gut, your penis will automatically look smaller than it actually is. Working on your abdominal muscles will also allow you to hold and support your erection for longer periods of time. There are also Kegel exercises to help strengthen the pelvic muscles that can benefit your erection. 



Along with exercising, stretching on a regular basis can help with your erections. Stretching is not only ideal to keep you flexible, it will help reduce stress and anxiety as well. Stress can be a major contributing factor with erectile dysfunction problems. Slow, focused stretches can help you relax more and improve your performance.


Limit the Bad Habits

Smoking and drinking can have a number of negative effects on your erection. Cigarettes will decrease the blood flow, leading to poor circulation which is needed when you are trying to get and stay hard. Alcohol will numb the penis and increase the prostate, making it incredibly difficult to become aroused. Limit the amount of alcohol you consume and quite smoking altogether if you want to improve your performance in the bedroom.


Cut Back on Masturbating

You'll need master some self-control when it comes to giving in to the urge to masturbate. While masturbating every once in a while will not affect your erection, you could hinder your ability if you are too aggressive when doing it. You can end up decreasing the sensitivity in the penis. When you masturbate, be sure to take precaution, not to be aggressive and limit the times you do it especially if you are planning on getting lucky.


Strengthen Your Penis

Most men tend to ejaculate as soon as the urge arises, this in turn, weakens the penis. How to improve erection hardness will require resisting the urge to ejaculate quickly. While sometimes quickies are fun and enjoyable, if you want to be able to last longer, then you will need to learn to control your ejaculations.


Take a Deep Breath

If you want to be able to last longer, then you need to hold off for as long as possible and this will require some concentration. While you want to remain aroused, you should take a deep breath when you feel like the urge to ejaculating is approaching. Inhaling a deep breath through the stomach will allow you to keep your body relaxed while still being able to focus on the good sensations.


Take a Supplement

There is a wide range of male enhancement supplements on the market. Most of these contain a variety of vitamins, herbs and amino acids that are designed to help promote proper blood flow in the blood. When the blood flow is improved in the blood, it can better reach the penis resulting in better erections.


Consider Penile Device

There are specific devices that are designed to help keep the blood circulating in the penis. A cock ring helps blood accumulate in the penis and reduces the amount of blood that flows out of the area. This can help you maintain a harder erection that should last longer as well.


Ask Your Doctor

If you have tried a number of ways to better your erection, it may be time to consult your doctor when nothing else seems to be working. How to improve erection hardness may be more difficult if there is an underlying health issue you are not aware of. You doctor may be able to give you additional ways to improve your erections as well as the possibility of medications to help.


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