In modern day, medicine has replaced the natural supplements and herbs once used for decades to help pregnant women find comfort. However, many women are looking for these natural herbs and vitamins to provide them the nutrients they need as well as relieving some of their discomforts for the safety of their baby. One such herb that has been commonly used is ginger, but is it safe to take ginger during pregnancy?

Is Ginger Safe During Pregnancy?

Ginger is a unique tasting herb that adds a bit of spice to many dishes like stir fries as well as desserts and drinks. Ginger has a low-calorie count and is low in fat while containing a number of vital nutrients necessary for pregnant women. For most women, ginger can be safe and highly beneficial to take while pregnant, but you should always consult your doctor if you want to start a ginger supplement or increase your ginger intake.

What Are the Benefits of Ginger During Pregnancy?

Aid with Morning Sickness

Ginger acts as a calming agent and can help soothe stomach troubles. Ginger ale or a cup of ginger tea can make morning sickness more tolerable and manageable.

Boost Your Nutrient Absorption

Ginger helps the body absorb more nutrients. How well the body absorbs nutrients affects how well it can fight off a wide range of health issues. Your baby also needs the nutrients to help him/her grow and develop properly.

Manage Glucose Levels

Gestational diabetes is a common issue among pregnant women, but ginger can help manage glucose levels. Not only will ginger help keep your glucose levels stable but will also provide you with more energy so you can avoid the common pregnancy fatigue.

Heartburn Blocker

Even women who have never suffered from heartburn before can feel some of the worst heartburn. Ginger can help avoid heartburn symptoms, especially in the evening. Adding just a little bit of ginger to your meals can help remain heartburn free.

Anti-inflammatory Agents

Consuming ginger during pregnancy can help reduce inflammation and swelling that cause a lot of discomfort for many pregnant women.

Gas Relief

Gas is another common side effect of being pregnant which no one really warns women about. Ginger helps with digestion which can help relieve the extra gas and bloating.

Pain Relief

Ginger also works to help balance hormones, which helps decrease pains and aches. Whatever pain you are feeling, ginger can alleviate it. Starting your day with a cup of ginger tea or adding a few pieces to your breakfast can reduce your pain throughout the day.

Boost Your Sex Drive

Most pregnant women suffer from a lack of sexual desire but with a little bit of ginger, you can give your sex drive a boost. Taking ginger while during pregnancy can help improve the circulatory systems which aids in increasing woman's arousal.

Improve the Immune System

Women have to be extra careful about avoiding germs and becoming sick. Morning sickness and exhaustion are not something anyone would want to suffer through. Ginger can help boost the immune system, reducing your risk of becoming sick. If you are sick, it can still help speed up the recovery process.

Relax the Muscles

Pregnancy can be a tiring time and the muscles can become sore easily. From back pain to sciatica and sore feet, ginger has pain fitting properties that can help relieve a number of aches and pains.

What's the Caution of Having Ginger During Pregnancy?

While there are a number of benefits from taking ginger while you are pregnant, there are a few side effects to be aware of. You should take these precautions when you are using ginger to help relieve some of the pregnancy symptoms.

While fresh ginger is the safest way to consume ginger, especially when pregnant, ginger supplements should be used with caution. According to the American Pregnancy Association, ginger can help make morning sickness easier but normal amounts of ginger should be consumed. Small amounts added in recipes or a serving for ginger tea is a normal amount. Supplements can contain higher amounts of ginger than what you would typically consume when eating fresh ginger. For this reason, it is best to talk to your doctor about taking ginger supplement during pregnancy.


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