Everyone gets emotional at times, whether we are angry, sad, or happy, emotions are a part of our everyday lives. We feel these emotions as a response to certain events that happen in our lives. There are times when feeling emotional more often than others, which can be an indication of a health issue. Crying for no reason, for instance, can seem like it comes out of nowhere and for no logical reason while doing regular activities like running errands. What could be causing you to cry out of nowhere? Read on to learn just that.

Why Do You Cry for No Reason?



Anxiety can bring on a number of negative feelings like fear, overwhelm and dread. These feelings can lead you to panic, become nervous, unable to concentrate or feel powerless. These intense feelings of dread and helplessness can cause you to cry.

Treating anxiety issues can be done more easily the early you catch it. Talking to a psychiatrist can help determine what can be the cause of your anxiety and allow you to learn effective ways to cope with these feelings.



Depression can be a debilitating condition that makes the simplest task seem impossible. While those with depression do not actually cry often, since once the depression has become full blown, most emotions are numbed. Crying a lot, however, for no reason can be an indication that you might become depressed.

Depression is difficult to treat and will not go away overnight. It can often be recurring but, taking the initiative to seek help before it becomes worse can be a great relief. Professional help can be the best way to overcome depression, but additional medication and ongoing therapy may be necessary.


Premenstrual syndrome

PMS doesn't just occur once your menstrual cycle begins; it can start days or even a week before your period is due. Many women experience PMS symptoms the days leading up to their period, and one such symptom is becoming overly emotional.

Typically, when it comes to crying for no reason the days leading up to your menstrual cycle, this will tend to pass on its own either when your period starts or just after your cycle. For some women, however, this crying and uncontrolled emotions can be a hindrance which can be the result of premenstrual dysphoric disorder in which case you'll want to consult your doctor.



Having to face conflict every day can bring about uncontrollable tears. Stress may be one of the leading causes that are leading you to cry without warning. This is because stress can have a number of effects on the chemicals in the body as well as negative effects on your overall health.

There are many ways you can treat your stress and relax more throughout the day. One thing to take notice of is what triggers your stress and find ways to avoid these triggers. Practicing stress relieving activities like meditation, exercise or deep breathing can also help reduce the stress you face and better cope with it.


Lack of Sleep

When you aren't getting enough sleep, you not only put your overall health at risk but this can alter your mood without warning. Being overly tired and getting less than 5 hours a sleep on a regular basis can lead to more crying and mood swings.

To help combat tears brought on from being tired, try to get at least seven hours of sleep each time. Put into place a bedtime routine that will allow you to go to bed at the same time every night easily, so you can get the rest you need.


You have stuff in your eyes

There are a number of irritants that can cause crying for no reason. When the nerves around the cornea send a signal to the brain that there is something bother it, it will trigger the production of tears to protect the eye. Things like chopping an onion, dust, smoke or strong gust of winds can trigger tear production.

The best way to treat these kinds of eye irritants is to simply avoid them whenever possible. Wear sunglasses when outdoors and find another way to cut up your onions by using a food processor.


You have two x chromosomes

Women tend to cry more but this isn't necessarily for no reason. Women have smaller tear ducts than men, so it doesn't take much for the tears ducts to fill and spill over creating tears.

Unfortunately, there isn't much women can do for this. It is just the way you were biologically designed.

What Could You Do in This Condition?

While the reason you cry may not be immediately obvious, it is rare that you will cry for no reason. Your crying may be an unconscious reaction to one or more events in your life. If you feel the need to cry, even for what appears to be no reason at all, cry. Trying to hold back the tears will only add to the stress or anxiety you are feeling since crying is a way for you to relieve pressure.

Consider making an appointment with a psychologist. As mentioned, crying can actually be due to depression, anxiety or stress which can all have a number of negative effects on your health. Working with a psychologist will allow you to come up with the proper treatment and coping mechanisms that can uncover the reason you seem to be crying for no reason.

Make a conscious effort to focus on finding things that make you happy throughout the day. This will allow you to shift your focus from the sad feelings to more positive happy ones. Take the time each day to really look at all the good things you have in your life.

Find an outlet that lets you vent your feelings. Whether it is keeping a personal journal or starting a blog to share your experience with others, have one way you can get out the feelings you may not be aware of. By writing about the emotions you are feeling, you can better understand what could be causing your bouts of crying.


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