Coconut oil is a natural product known for its many benefits to health, home maintenance, cooking, beauty and skin care. Although it is commonly used for cooking, coconut oil is rich in antioxidant, antibacterial and moisturizing properties which makes it an excellent product for beauty and skin care. Simplify your beauty routine by using this natural product which provides lots of benefits, and reduces your skin’s exposure to harmful chemicals. Let's find the how to use this multitasking product for your skin.

Coconut Oil: Facial Care

Facial care is an important beauty regimen for everyone. Although there are many products these days that are used for facial care, natural ways are mostly preferred and considered most effective. Because of the many skin-care benefits of coconut oil, it is no surprise that this product is widely used for facial care. Here are ways to use coconut oil for face.

Coconut oil as a skin moisturizer

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizing product and much preferred than any other chemical-based moisturizer. The great thing about coconut oil used as moisturizer is that it can be used for both dry skin and oily skin. Even when the oil is on a solid state, it can still be used like a petroleum jelly, and it is much less greasy and sticky on the skin. When applied to the face or skin, the natural minerals of coconut oil seeps into the pores and thoroughly moisturizes the skin.

To use as moisturizer, massage a good amount to your face and spread gently with your palms. Allow 5 to 10 minutes for the oil to seep into the skin and then wipe with a soft towel. Best to do this routine before bed time.


Coconut oil as a makeup remover

Removing make up from the day can be quite a task even when using chemical makeup removers. Not only does the chemical slowly harm your skin, rubbing your face to remove the makeup can also cause stress to the skin. Coconut oil is a quick and effective natural makeup remover and also removes grease build-up from the makeup products, especially around the eyes. Coconut oil can even be found on baby oil products, which means this is incredibly gentle on the skin.

To use coconut oil as makeup remover, pour a good amount on a tissue or cotton and gently dab on the make up to remove it.


Coconut oil as antibacterial product

Coconut oil is rich in antibacterial properties that can protect the skin from potential infections caused by bacteria. Common bacterial infections that can be prevented by coconut oil for face are acne, whiteheads and blackheads.


Coconut oil as a deep facial cleanser

Deep cleansing of the skin should be done regularly to ensure that chemicals and pollution are removed from the deeper parts of the skin. The toxins that lodge deep into the pores may clog them and cause bacterial infections. Coconut oil is an effective deep facial and skin cleanser that not only cleanses but protects the skin from further developments of skin infections caused by bacteria.


Coconut oil as antifungal product

Aside from being an effective antibacterial product, coconut oil acts as an antifungal product as well. Fungal infections can be quite a challenge, especially when grown on the face. Dry skin is the most common cause of fungal infections and because of coconut oil’s natural moisturizing properties, it prevents fungal infections. It can also be used as a skin maintenance to prevent future fungal infections.


Coconut oil as premature aging prevention

There are plenty of anti-aging products out there, but coconut oil is the most natural of them all. Premature aging is mostly caused by environmental pollution, skin injuries and UV rays exposure. The use of coconut oil for face can prevent these factors from affecting the skin and causing premature aging.


Coconut oil as facial wrinkle remover

Wrinkles can make one look older than they are. Coconut oil has collagen and keeps the skin elastic and smooth. Applying coconut oil on the wrinkled part of the skin can preserve the smoothness and elasticity of the skin properties, therefore preventing and removing wrinkles.


Coconut oil as sunburn protection

Coconut oil has SPF 4 which is an ingredient used in anti-sunburn products. Although it may not be as strong as anti-sunburn products and protect your skin from all-day exposure to the sun, it can very well protect your skin when you go out of the house for a few hours of direct sun exposure. Coconut oil contains ingredients that protect your skin from solar radiation.

Coconut Oil: Skin Care

Coconut oil for face can be used in many ways, it is also a widely known product for its many uses and benefits to the household and to your body. Choose coconut oil instead of chemical-based products if possible.

Coconut oil as body butter

There are many body butter products in stores but coconut oil is the most natural and preferred for the skin. Body butter products use coconut oil as one of the ingredients and it is responsible for moisturizing the skin.


Coconut oil as diaper rash guard

Coconut oil can ease the itch and pain, and remove redness caused by diaper rash. Using coconut oil can also prevent diaper rash.


Coconut oil as insect repellent

Insects such as mosquitoes and bugs can disturb your nightly routines. Coconut oil can be used as an insect repellent instead of chemical-based products. Mix coconut oil with eucalyptus, lemongrass or mint and spray on your skin to act as an insect repellent.


Coconut oil as stretch mark remover

Stretch marks can be caused by the change of skin’s elasticity from weight gain or loss. Coconut oil can help prevent and remove these stretch marks by maintaining the elasticity of the skin.


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