Chemical peel is an advanced method to keep your skin healthy and glowing. It’s a common way to fight various skin-related issues and signs of aging. The chemical solution used in chemical peeling dramatically removes the old and damaged layers of skin, replacing it with fresh, new skin. It mainly defends against the skin problems like acne, wrinkles, spots and uneven skin tone. Normally, these chemical peels are used on face but you can also use it for refreshing the skin on neck and hands. Chemical peeling cost is determined by various factors.

Types of Chemical Peeling

These chemical peeling solutions are available in different types and their price ranges accordingly.

  • Superficial peels consist of mild acids that are used to add a refreshing feel to the skin.

  • Medium peels work healing the skin-related issues like blemishes and uneven skin tone.

  • Deep peels come with the ability to penetrate deep in several layers of skin to improve the condition of skin.

How Much Does a Chemical Peeling Cost?

When it comes to the price of the chemical peels, we can’t determine an exact price. There are a lot of factors that affect the price range. These may include;

  • Expertise of the person performing it.

  • Type of chemical peel (deep peels cost more)

  • Brand of peel

  • Severity of skin problem

  • Price varies in every state

  • Total time span (including the repeated sessions), the procedure would take.

  • Geographic location of the office.

According to a statistic presented by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons in 2014, the average cost might be around $632. This average cost does not include the other expenditures like anesthesia, expenditures of operating room and the price you will be charged for staying in hospital (if needed).

Light Chemical Peeling Cost

Light chemical peels are used to improve the outer layer of skin by smoothing out wrinkled or rough skin. This procedure usually involves glycolic acid, lactic acid, fruit acid, or salicylic acid. It’s a light procedure, so it has to be repeated multiple times (you’d have to pay each time). It’s the lowest in price. It may cost you between $150 and $300.

Medium Chemical Peels Cost

Those who are wishing for a deep cure of blemishes, skin pigmentation, uneven or darker skin tone and wrinkles, can opt for medium chemical peels. Medium chemical peels are also suitable for neck and body. This procedure involves the chemicals like trichloro acetic acid. Most importantly, to evaluate the price of this procedure, you must bear in mind that this procedure is repeated after every 2 to 3 months. And it would cost you around $1000 to $2000.

Deep Chemical Peel Cost

This procedure is the priciest of all. It is also known by the names of phenol or advanced peel. Deep peel utilizes carbolic acid to deal with severe skin problems like sun damage and wrinkly skin. The best thing about it is that, you don’t have to repeat this procedure again after once. This peel promises better and long lasting results. The procedure not only smooths out the coarse wrinkles, it also removes any pre-cancerous growths on your skin. Once you go through this procedure, you would have to take a long break from your job. As it takes about 2 weeks to get the skin in fully recovered form. Expect to pay a chemical peeling cost as high as $2500 to $6000 approx.

Note: Find a place where you can have the procedure safely done. Do not take any risks for a lower price. Your facial skin is very fragile.

What Other Things You Should Know about Chemical Peels?


Most Appropriate Candidates for it!

A chemical peel is not recommended for everyone. There are certain conditions that must be kept in mind before opting for any of this procedure. Here are a few important points for the most suitable or unsuitable candidates.

  • The most suitable candidates for chemical peeling are the people with fair skin and light hair color.

  • People with darker skin tones can also go for this procedure, depending on what skin problem you are treating.

  • Inquire your doctor about the most suitable peel for your skin type.

  • The candidate must be in good physical health. People who are heart patients, should never opt for a deep chemical peel. (inquire your doctor)

  • A candidate must not be a smoker.

  • You are not a suitable candidate if you have a family history of abnormal skin scarring or unusual skin pigmentation. People with facial warts should avoid these procedures.

  • Those who have red hair with yellowish freckled skin, you better forget about these chemical peels.

  • Lastly, if you have been to any kind of acne treatment of late, this is not the right time to proceed (the gap should be more than a year).


Are There Any Risks Involved in Chemical Peeling?

As long as you have picked the expert plastic surgeon, there shouldn’t be any risk involved. But still there might be some risks that you all must know for any possible safety measures.

  • Developing of infection and scarring

  • A temporary or permanent color change of skin, either light or dark

  • You better inform your doctor if you have a history of the skin diseases like keloids, cold sores, as in some cases, there are great chances of them getting reactivated.


Precautions after the Procedure!

  • It takes time in healing completely. And skin becomes more sensitive to high temperature and sun rays. So, you better keep on applying sunscreen for about a month after it.

  • No exercise for about 48 hours after the procedure.

  • No swimming in the pools. Chlorine may damage your peel.

  • Hibernate for about a long weekend until your skin gets fully recovered.

Those who want to opt for any of these procedures but they are worried about the chemical peeling cost, they can have these procedures financed through their bank or from some credible health care lender. Or you may find several financial institutions that provide loans for different cosmetics processes. Lastly, some doctors too, offer the facility of covering the cost in various monthly installments. All you need is to inquire all about it.


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