Ever wondered what the best fruits for juicing are? All vegetables are good for your health. However, there are some that stand out due to their unique health benefits and the ease of juicing. You can also combine several vegetables to come up with nutrient packed juices. While everyone has their opinion on what vegetables make the best juice, there are some which should appear on everyone’s list.

What Are Some of the Best Vegetables to Juice?

Best Time to Drink: The best time to drink vegetable juice is first thing in the morning before you eat breakfast. This is when your stomach is empty and is able to absorb all the nutrients.


Tomatoes are some of the healthiest vegetables you can juice. They are rich in lycopene, which is good for heart health and the prevention of cancer. This is especially so for testicular cancer. They blend in well with many other vegetables and are easy to juice.



Cabbage is great for your stomach. If you have problems with ulcers, cabbage will work very well for you. It is rich in indoles that help regulate metabolism and balance estrogen levels. It is also an excellent detoxifier. The only down side is that cabbage juice tastes horrible when taken alone.



Broccoli is part of the cruciferous family and is loaded with antioxidants. It’s rich in vitamin C and is known to prevent breast, lung and colon cancer. Eating raw broccoli can be a horrible experience. It is, therefore, best to juice it and take it a few times a week. Combine it with tomato juice for better taste. This is one of the best vegetables to juice.



Carrots are rich in vitamin A, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent cell degeneration. It helps slow the aging process and maintain a youthful appearance. Vitamin A also plays a huge role in tissue growth, bones, teeth and good vision. The vitamin C contained in carrots helps the body to produce collagen, which helps maintain skin elasticity and prevent wrinkling. Carrots also contain potassium which promotes the growth of new skin cells, reduces acne and prevents scarring. It also helps with electrolyte balance in the body. Carrots are also an excellent detoxifier.



Kale is an excellent vegetable for fighting acne. It is a very effective anti-inflammatory food that is rich in vitamin A, K, C, E, B3, B2, B1, beta carotene, calcium iron, phosphorous, copper, iron, magnesium, omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. It also contains carotenoid lutein. Vitamin A helps repair and maintain the skin while the omega 3 fatty acids give the anti-inflammatory properties of the vegetable a boost.



This vegetable contains vitamin A, K, E, C, B2, B6, folate, manganese, magnesium, iron, calcium, and potassium. It also contains dietary fibers, zinc, copper, omega 3 fatty acids and selenium. This is why it is called the king of the vegetables. It is one of the best vegetables to juice since it helps keep your hair, skin and nails healthy. Juice some kale and take it not more than three times a week. If you overdo it, it can affect interfere with the body’s ability to absorb calcium. This is because it contains oxalic acid.



Cucumber is a wonderful vegetable that is refreshing and thirst quenching. It is a natural diuretic and helps to remove fat cells and toxins from the body. Juice some cucumber and take it before every meal to help curb your appetite. You will shed those extra kilos fast. You can add black salt and lemon juice to boost the flavor.



Celery is an excellent anti-oxidant that helps cleanse the digestive system of uric acid. Due to its high potassium content, it helps lower blood pressure. If you often experience bloating, then you ought to include celery juice in your diet. The diuretic properties of celery also help remove toxins from the body.



This vegetable is rich in chlorophyll and has anti-parasitic properties. Chlorophyll is good for the blood and gives you a boost of energy. This vegetable also helps to protect the heart. While it is not clinically proven, many people claim that it helps with arthritis.



Beetroot juice is a nutrition powerhouse. It contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorous and potassium. It’s also rich in copper, zinc, iron, manganese and selenium. Drink a glass of beetroot juice every day to lower blood pressure, improve memory and improve the flow of blood to the brain. It is also an excellent detoxifier since it helps flush out free radicals and prevent the onset of tumors and cancer.



This is undoubtedly one of the best vegetables to juice. It helps with DNA repair and boosts red blood cells. It is also rich in indoles which help prevent cancer. Wheatgrass juice contains more than 20 enzymes including catalase which helps break down hydrogen peroxide in the body. Hydrogen peroxide can harm body cells if left unchecked. Wheatgrass contains nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium, chlorophyll, magnesium and many others. Studies show that the only nutrients missing in wheatgrass are vitamin B12 and D. You won’t be able to make wheatgrass juice with a regular juicer. You might want to buy a wheatgrass juicer if you want to make it part of your daily regimen.


Powerful Combos

If you want a powerful detoxing vegetable juice, mix 1 beet, 1 green apple, 2 carrots and a piece of ginger. Throw in some parsley if you wish. For an alkalizing juice, mix 2 stalks of celery, a cucumber, a green apple, a carrot and some spinach. If you want to pack a punch, mix some celery, red pepper, parsley, carrot, cucumber, fennel bulb, and some spinach. Squeeze some lime into the juice before you drink it.

How to Correctly Juice

1. Start by washing the vegetables thoroughly.

2. You might want to pre-cut the vegetables depending on the type.

3. You will require a Champion Juicer or a Green Star Juicer to get the job done.

4. Start with the soft veggies first before going to the harder ones. Hard ones like carrots will help push out the softer one


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